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Watch Young Thug's Trailer for 'Jeffrey'

Thugger's new project is officially set to release on August 26.

by Adrian Nuñez

After weeks of speculation indicating a name change, we finally have a look at why Young Thug has switched his moniker for No, My Name is Jeffrey. The trailer for Thugger’s Jeffrey project has finally released and it features the artist in an interrogation room being grilled as Young Thug. But he remains firm in his stance that his name is in fact Jeffrey. No matter how people may try to sway him otherwise, it looks like Jeffrey is here to stay.

In a conversation with Travis $cott on his Beats1 radio show, he explained the reason for the new moniker.

“I just want to get off the Slime Season stuff… The message is just to really go back to who I really am. I really am Jeffrey. That’s really my swag. I never had a street mentality. I always had a Michael Jackson mentality. I really am Jeffrey.”

Whether the name catches on or not, Jeffrey is officially set to release on August 26.

Watch the trailer here.


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