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Migos Tap Young Thug for "Cocoon" Remix

Four of Atlanta’s finest tear up the remix.

by Adrian Nuñez

Four of Atlanta’s finest and comrades in trap rap Migos and Young Thug  No, My Name is Jeffrey have long been heralded as stars in the city’s booming music scene due in part to their relentless output. Migos has been releasing one-off singles for the majority of 2016, while Young Thug has released a slew of projects and is set to release Jeffrey very soon. When they all link up, it’s truly magic.

Such is the case with the “Cocoon” Remix, which was a Migos track originally released back in May. Today, Thugger joins the trio on the Cheez Beatz track. As the whole world waits with bated breath for the release of Jeffrey, this “Cocoon” Remix will have to suffice in the meantime. Check out the track below.



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