Snoop Dogg and NBA Champ Matt Barnes Raise $50,000 to Fight Cancer With Cannabis
The Smoke4ACure summit kicked off four days of events as part of Athletes Vs. Cancer, raising money and awareness for cancer patients and marijuana studies.
Published on August 10, 2018

All photos by Mira Gonzalez

In the back lot of a formidable compound in Inglewood, Ca., cannabis vapors and smoke dissipated into the muggy summer air. A vendor demonstrated how their automatic joint-rolling machine works to enchanted onlookers.  At the MERRY JANE & Pounds lounge, flower buds from Power Farms 805 overflowed onto the black table as attendees ground them up for use in awaiting bongs. California smokers hardly need an excuse to light up, but today’s festivities had brought them here for a good cause: Smoke4ACure, a cannabis summit organized by former NBA player Matt Barnes and the rapper Snoop Dogg himself. 

On Thursday night, August 9th, the summit kicked off a four-day event series for Barnes’ Athletes Vs. Cancer, an organization he founded seven years ago after his mother passed away from the disease. Barnes and Snoop Dogg came up with with the Smoke4ACure concept on Father’s Day, after Snoop attended another Athletes Vs. Cancer event — the initiative, they decided, would bring together cannabis vendors to help raise money for cancer research. 

“Matt lost his mother to cancer. I lost a few people in my family,” says Snoop. “So we just want to try to find a way to find a cure, and let people understand that the smoke that we smoke is for a cure, and has benefits for [a] medical purpose."

Tasbeeh Herwees
Tasbeeh Herwees is a writer and journalist based in Los Angeles, CA
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