Hyperfly Founder and CEO Pascal Pakter: “CBD Has Saved My Life”
The martial arts apparel maker discusses his cannabis use on “Highly Productive.”
Published on October 13, 2016

“I use CBD,” says Pascal Pakter, CEO and founder of the successful martial arts apparel company Hyperfly. “And CBD has saved my life.”

A former Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter, Pakter injured two vertebrae while training, necessitating surgery that left him in a world of pain and with a seven-inch scar on his neck. Prescribed addictive opiates by doctors, he popped them “like candy,” up to 30 pills a day. He managed to kick opiates, which can lead to heroin use when the pharmaceutical supply is cut off, by getting a medical marijuana card at the recommendation of his sensei and using CBD products for pain relief. In a single day, his pill use dropped significantly, preventing him from going further down a dark road of drug addiction.

Watch the latest episode of Highly Productive, the MERRY JANE original series that profiles people who kick ass in their careers while using cannabis medically or recreationally, to see how CBD turned Pakter’s life around. You’ll also see why you should support athletes and military veterans who are fighting for the right to treat their pain with cannabis.

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