Mangoes and Marijuana: Can This Fruit Actually Improve Your Cannabis Experience?
There is a surprising science behind how this tropical fruit interacts with cannabis.
Published on January 8, 2016

Marijuana and mangoes go together like ginger and sushi—yeah, you read that correctly. Though you might pair the Japanese cuisine with soya sauce or wasabi, a slice of pickled ginger helps to cleanse your palate and to experience the full flavours of sushi. Similarly, mangoes maximize your high while also extending its duration. This delicious, natural improvement to your cannabis experience is definitely one worth trying. But how have mangoes and marijuana come to be such a perfect pair?

Those looking for a scientific explanation of the connection between marijuana and mangoes believe a natural organic compound, or terpene, in the fruit called myrcene is responsible. Myrcene terpenes are behind the strong-smelling components of certain fruits and plants such as mangoes and cannabis. In cannabis, terpenes are found in the same glands of the plant as THC and CBD. These same components are found in mangoes. Furthermore, there are two ways these organic compounds help the body process THC: by increasing potency and allowing for a quicker, longer high. This is where the myrcene terpenes in mangoes come into play. By adding to the myrcene terpenes already present in the bud, mangoes can enrich the high of weaker strains and complement the high of stronger ones.

After you eat a mango, the fruit’s terpenes enter your bloodstream. When you smoke marijuana, the THC consumed interacts with these terpenes in such a way that it increases the level of your high. A detailed scientific explanation has yet to arise, so discussing the details of the exact interaction is impossible for now. From what we can tell though, the terpenes from the THC seem to attach to the myrcene terpenes that are already in your bloodstream, increasing their duration and influence on the brain. While a lot of this is still anecdotal, users testify that after eating mangoes, they get an extra kick out of their cannabis.

In addition to greater potency, eating mangoes and consuming marijuana in tandem can give you a high more quickly. When you smoke cannabis, it can be difficult to tell whether you have smoked too little, just enough or way too much. This is largely due to the time your body takes to actually process the THC. The natural compounds in mangoes help THC move through the blood brain barrier faster and therefore it can potentially reach the brain half the time it would normally take. It also allows for the body to process the THC faster and more efficiently. Logically speaking, these factors combine to let you get the most out of your herb by maximizing the amount of THC processed and sustaining it for longer periods of time due to the increase in potency and efficient processing.

Though it's not an exact science, it seems to make sense that this tropical fruit can, in fact, enhance a high. Now would be a good time to run out the supermarket, grab the sweetest smelling mangoes you can find and give your tastebuds—and your bud—a new experience altogether.

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