How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?
The complicated, but important question every pothead wants a straight answer to.
Published on January 13, 2019

There comes a point in every weed smokers life where you try to do the math and figure out how long weed stays in your system. This could have been back when you first smoked and were worried about your parents finding out, or it could be that you’re figuring out how to pass a drug test for your job.. No matter how you got here, we can help you understand the misinformation on this topic, and put to bed a few common myths that I’m sure you have read and heard.

The length of time weed stays in your system varies person to person, but it ultimately depends on how often you smoke, how much you smoke, your metabolism, and how much THC is in the weed itself. Typically, the higher the dosage is and the more you smoke, the longer the weed can be detected in your system.

Another important factor is the type of detection method you’re using. In 2017, Mayo Clinic Proceedings broke down exactly how weed shows up in urine tests, depending on how long it had been since the subject last smoked. Their research showed it took 3 days for cannabis to leave the system in ‘occasional users’, 5-7 days in ‘moderate users,’ 10-15 days in ‘chronic users,’ and more than 30 days in ‘chronic heavy users.’ 

For detection tests that focus on hair, users have been found to test positive for cannabis after 7 days of usage, and for as long as 90 days. Detection tests that focus on hair are more rare, and saliva tests are also very rare. Most detection methods these days are urine tests that can be done at a doctors office, or even purchased at a pharmacy for an at home option. 

We all smoke different amounts at different times, and have different metabolisms. I don’t smoke as much as my brother or my friends, so it’s going to be in my body for a different amount of time. Don’t let the internet convince you otherwise. Merry Jane got your back.


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Malcolm Musoni
Malcolm-Aimé Musoni is a cultural scientist and lover of everything gay. Follow him on Twitter @malcolmaime
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