Health & Wellness: Why Weed is Great for Runners
Whether you're a pro or have never put on running shoes in your life, these five tips will make running that much better.
Published on February 1, 2016

You're officially in the zone - the pounding rhythm of your feet against the pavement is complemented perfectly by your favorite rock album, with one earphone hanging loose in order to stay aware of the traffic and urban sounds around you.

Or perhaps you're high up on a trail, encountering challenges such as tight turns and loose, uneven terrain, enjoying the cool shade of trees and the occasional sight of wildlife.

You could even be in the controlled environment of the gym, executing speed drills and hill training on the treadmill, attempting to relax and get in the groove in the stark air conditioning and fluorescent light.

No matter what, in any of these situations, wouldn't you love to feel the warm accompaniment of a THC edible, or a nice bowl that you'd smoked beforehand?

Marijuana can make you feel happy, hyper-aware, and on top of the world. Combine that with the exhilarating practice of running, and you've got a recipe for an effective and fulfilling fitness program. While many people jog to lose weight, there are strength and stamina benefits to the sport that people from all walks of life can benefit from.

Aside from the fact that your body literally releases cannabinoids of its own into your system during your run, lending to the term "runner's high", there are many other reasons why the experienced ultramarathoner or novice jogger should definitely try inviting Mary Jane along on the next run.

  1. Cannabinoids help relax the body quickly. A couple of puffs, a good stretch or some yoga flow and you're practically all limbered up. Feeeeeel the stretch; beeee the stretch.
  2. After partaking, the music in your headphones becomes enhanced. Whether it's heavy metal, dance or rap, any workout goes more smoothly when timed to your favorite jams.
  3. Improved lung capacity never hurt anybody. Smoking and vaping may lead to superhuman lungs - or at least an increase in perceived resilience. On the other hand, it can lead to a cough, so remember to go easy on yourself.
  4. An unclouded mind makes for a focused attitude. Most people would love to forget about the problems of the day and just hammer out quick 5K. Go ahead and pass them the joint next - my treat.
  5. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties. Regular intake of THC and CBD can help reduce swelling and pain in the joints and muscles...perfect for after those painful ten-milers or a twisted ankle.

There is still so much to learn about our bodies and how to get the optimal results during work and play. If you've never tried it before, now could be a cool time to start running on weed. Just like any form of physical fitness, the end game is to get to know your own body and develop a personalized program that works for you. Especially in the case of frequent runners, food and herbal supplements are a part of that program, and cannabis counts!

Then again, if you've never tried running before, I'd say you should get started either way. Running improves cardiovascular function, builds strong bones and muscles, releases endorphins and cannabinoids in the body, and boosts self-esteem.


"It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop."


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Roni Stetter
Roni is a long-time cannabis advocate who has been involved in the community since her days with California's 2010 legalization campaign. A former high school athlete who successfully treated her sports injuries with medical marijuana, she now promotes the health movement on her own blog. When not writing or researching on the web, you can find her at a drum and bass show, hanging out with her dog and cat, or otherwise living the simple San Diego beach life. See what else Roni is up to on her website
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