Halloween Recipe: Eyeball Martini

Halloween Recipe: Eyeball Martini

by Amber Finnegan | HEALTH |

A creepy, yet delicious party drink for your Halloween parties.

It’s Halloween and time for some spooky recipes to go with All Hallows’ Eve. If you’re having a party or just want to enjoy some creepy treats, Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy the more malicious side of cooking.

A tasty cocktail that other will watch you drink in horror. This is a quick and fun recipe that will have the zombies begging for more.


  • Cocktail Onions
  • Capers
  • Gin
  • Vermouth
  • Tomato Juice (or Cranberry)


Cut small holes into the cocktail onions that are big enough to fit the capers, but small enough to where the capers won’t fall out. Stuff the onions with capers.

Mix 2 parts gin, one part vermouth and add a splash of tomato juice or cranberry juice to make the drink red. Add the cocktail onions loose or on a toothpick and enjoy.


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Amber Finnegan is a political and lifestyle blogger and photographer. She has a BA in History from San Francisco State University and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. She is a staunch believer in legalization of cannabis and encourages socially responsible living. Follow her on Twitter @i8veggies.

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