California Company Octavia Wellness Brings Pot Parties to Seniors
Grandma and Grandpa might be living a cooler life than you pretty soon.
Published on December 6, 2016

Cannabis products have allowed people with qualifying conditions to become healthier and stronger. It has been praised as a miracle substance for people who suffer from Crohn’s Disease, cancer, PTSD, and many other ailments. One segment of the population marijuana has been known to help exponentially is the elderly.

In 2015, Carrie Tice was struggling to help her 80-year-old mother who had advanced Alzheimer’s. When a caregiver at the senior center recommended topical cannabis, she began to see a distinct positive difference in her mom’s behavior, attitude, and appearance.

“The change in my mom was so remarkable that I wanted to shout it from the mountaintops,” proclaimed Tice. “She seemed 10 years younger after 20 minutes, and was happy.”

She had a successful job at the software giant Ubisoft but decided to leave her career to pursue a career in cannabis in order to help seniors take advantage California’s medical marijuana laws.  The company helps seniors obtain doctor’s recommendations online and order specific strains to help with their respective conditions.

In 2016, her company merged with party sales company Viva to form Octavia Wellness and began a pilot program in July at four elderly care facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Octavia Wellness’ mission is to assist the seniors with any of their weed needs. In one location, seniors formed a pseudo-secret society and held smoke outs on the golf course at night.

Today, their gatherings are officially sanctioned and practically sold out, with around 190 residents attending regularly. By next year, Octavia Wellness will offer specific packages designed to help groups of seniors smoke pot like professionals.

Tice says there are some retired rock ‘n’ rollers who order pre-rolled joints who just want to relive their glory days, “but most want pain relief, to sleep better and stop fretting. They’re on opiates, constipated, and can’t function on their pills, so once they discover marijuana helps them, stigma’s not an issue.”

According to Quartz, Octavia Wellness has raised over $300,000 from investors in this year’s second quarter alone, boasting a 10% weekly sales growth.  The same amount has already been committed for the first quarter of 2017 and the company hopes to reach $1 million.

It’s good to know we will have places to enjoy ourselves once we reach our golden years. 

Blake Taylor
Blake Taylor worked for a leading medical/recreational marijuana grower in the Seattle area and has been a freelance writer for four years.
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