Best Vapes For Your Buck
Mother's guide to vaping for newbies.
Published on June 6, 2016

Dear Mother,

I'm an adult, and I am well aware of the potential bad side effects to smoking pot. And I'm also aware that vaping is the hot new thing, but to be honest, I have no idea where to start. I'll cut right to the chase: How much do I actually need to spend on a vaporizer, and is it really all that much better for you?  

                    — Vaper Wannabe

Dear Vaper-to-be,

This is a great question. Vaping is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, and the hunt for a great, yet affordable vape, can be tricky. But fear not! I am here to help.

Vaping has grown in popularity for a few reasons. The first is health based. Many folks just aren't super keen on inhaling smoke if they don't have to. However, they may also shy away from edibles because of the amount of time it takes to feel buzzed or because it's a much different high. Vaping, however, is a great middle ground for those who want to be more health conscious but don't want to go the edible route.

Health wise, when you smoke out of a bowl or bong, you're also burning tons of byproducts of combustion. In fact, when you smoke a joint, for instance, you're also inhaling 88% non-cannabanoids (aka not the "good stuff"). With a vape, 95% of the THC is inhaled within the first few seconds of smoking without all the "junk" that comes along with combusted smoke, which is why many people say that vaping is a much "cleaner" high. You really can feel the difference.

Vaping (after purchasing your vape, which we'll get to in a second) can actually be more cost effective. When you vape, you're using a heating element besides a flame to pull the benefits (like THC and CBD) from the cannabis. But, unlike a flame, you're not actually burning the herb. So, you're able to stretch what you've got just a little bit further by not burning it all the way down. You know, in case you're looking to save a few pennies here and there.

Vaping also has less of a smell than straight up smoking from a bowl or bong, and some people might appreciate that benefit. It's nice to be able to walk into a PTA meeting without smelling like you just rolled around in some college kid's dorm room.

When it comes to what kind of vape to get, there are a bunch of options, but for a beginner, I would recommend a vape pen that uses oil cartridges like the RemPen.

My own RemPen cost $10 for the actual pen from my local dispensary. It looks exactly like a stylus and can be charged right in your computer via a usb drive — super convenient! Cannabis oil cartridges come in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid categories and cost $40 (again, at my dispensary). They usually last around 150+ puffs!

There are also some nifty and stylish handheld vapes from brands like PAX and Iolite. Both allow you to use flower, have various heat settings to ensure the highest quality experience, and they're both super adorable looking (the Iolite Wispr 2 looks like an old timey radio but they sadly discontinued it!).

The PAX will set you back almost $300, but don't forget that while there is an initial investment, it will pay out in dividends—both health and spending wise—later on!

If you're looking for an option that's a little easier on your wallet, check out the Boundless CF Vaporizer. For $149 you can snag this pocket-sized piece that heats up flower in 20 seconds or less. 

So, to recap, vaping might not be for everyone, but it is healthier for you. 

Yes, vaping is better and healthier for you.

You should try it out.

If you're cool with using oil cartridges, try out something like a Rempen. The actual device is super affordable and easy to use.

If you'd prefer to use flowers, then check out either the PAX or Boundless CF, depending on how much you want to spend.

Enjoy and breathe easier all around.

                    — Mother

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Mother Knows Best
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