8 Healthy Vegan Edible Alternatives To Try

8 Healthy Vegan Edible Alternatives To Try

by Isabel Rolston

Vegan diet? Fear no more, we've found the edibles for you.

Buying edibles while eating a vegan diet can be difficult. Do you gaze longingly at the cakes, cookies, and brownies that line the shelves of your local dispensary? Baked goods, with or without cannabis, are made with both dairy and eggs, but there are companies within the industry that acknowledge dietary restrictions of consumers. During your next trip to the dispensary, look out for these sympathetic companies and their 100% vegan products!

Hearts of Hemp:

Hearts of Hemp created a granola bar that impressed the judges’ taste buds at the 2013 LA Medical Cannabis Cup. Though it only nabbed an honorable mention, the granola bar is 100% gluten-free, 100% vegan, and along with 125mg of THC contains a multitude of healthy ingredients like rolled oats, flax, chia seeds and hemp hearts.

The Growing Kitchen:

Colorado's The Growing Kitchen has created cannabis-infused superfood balls that promote well-being to their customers. Striving for simplicity, The Growing Kitchen roll together ingredients such as walnuts, goji berries, dates, apricots and, of course, 10mg of THC. If you are looking to relax, try the indica-infused “Go Chi Balls,” and if you are trying to perk up, test out the sativa-infused “Zoom Balls.” These drops of goodness are delicious and highly healing.

Auntie Dolores' Brownie Bites:

Auntie Dolores’ Chocolate Brownie Bite is reminiscent of the traditional pot brownie, but assured to be made only of high-quality ingredients with guaranteed potency. The brownie, infused with the finest California cannabis, has 100mg of THC which rounds out to about 10 doses of delectable medicine. Along with being low-calorie, low-glycemic, and vegan, this brownie is baked with only organic ingredients. It’s the perfect chocolate fix for any health-conscious consumer.

Korova's Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar:

From their “Organik” line, Korova’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar caters to clients who thoroughly enjoy sweets, but also strive to live a healthy lifestyle; the bar is 100% vegan and baked with all organic ingredients. Additionally, because Korova uses an agave-based sweetener, the bar has a decidedly low sugar content, reaching a health standard that many edibles fail to meet. Infused with 300mg of Korova’s cannabis extract - which is lab-tested for mold, fungus, and pesticides - it’s clear that Korova not only cares about “unrivaled potency,” but also the health of their consumers.

Viridian Chocolates:

Viridian Chocolates, a Seattle-based company, handcraft truffles that are “delectable, beautiful, and healthful.” Viridian Chocolates prides themselves on using the highest-quality ingredients and never using artificial flavoring. Dipped in 70% dark chocolate, their truffles are filled with either their Vegan Ganache, or their newest recipe, Vegan Coconut Toffee. The truffles are infused with organic cannabis oil, which is lab-tested to guarantee accurate potency.  Each truffle, with 25mg of THC, gives consumers a product that will satisfy even the most extravagant of tastebuds.

Simply Pure:

Made with organic and locally-grown Colorado cannabis, Simply Pure products aim to make edibles that encourage physical and mental wellness to their clientele. Aside from traditional confections, Simply Pure also makes cannabis-infused spreads such as apple butter and peanut butter. Both made with organic ingredients, these vegan additives are an “alternative remedy that will not disappoint.”

Auntie Em's:

Auntie Em’s, a company based in Los Angeles, have a variety of vegan and gluten-free treats. Inspired by the lack of edibles that cater to dietary restrictions, Auntie Em’s baker started to produce gluten-free and vegan baked goods, guaranteeing every batch be made with the healthiest ingredients. Topped with buttercream frosting, Auntie Em’s red velvet or carrot cupcake is the perfect sweet indulgence. Each cupcake can have up to 420 mg of THC, but sticking to Auntie Em’s motto, “you should never have to sacrifice flavor for medicine.” 

Bhang Chocolates:

You may have seen Bhang Chocolates at your local grocery store, but now Bhang has stepped into the cannabis industry and intends on, “crafting the finest gourmet chocolate, from the highest quality ingredients to ensure the the greatest possible medicated edibles in the world.” It may sound like a lofty goal, but Bhang Chocolates has already used their past experience to create their award-winning Dark Chocolate Bar. The bar, made with fair-trade Venezuelan cacao, is completely vegan and delicious. Using an extraction technique that eliminates the marijuana-taste found in many edibles, a Bhang bar has 60mg of THC and four doses.


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Isabel is a student at Eugene Lang College the New School for Liberal Arts in New York City and is studying non-fiction writing, dance, and contemporary music. She is originally from Los Angeles - the Valley to be exact - and although she loves NYC, her alliance is with the West Coast. In her free time Isabel likes to dance in front of the mirror, listen to music, and smoke cannabis.

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