5 Unconventional Ways to Consume Cannabis
Consuming cannabis has never been so adventurous.
Published on May 16, 2016

You could always twist up a doobie and spark it up, but you’d be missing out on all of these other adventurous ways to consume cannabis. Being indecisive and discreet has never been so easy. Hungry? Try a Leif Medicinals Chai Latte Chocolate Bar. Thirsty? Try Magic Number’s Craft Brewed Ginger Beer. Prefer to vape? Grab a FEZ. Like tinctures? Make a batch of Green Dragon. Cannabis infused toothpicks, toothpaste, eye gels, bath salts, shampoos, conditioners, fragrances, lip balm, wine, ice cream and coffee pods exist. But wait, that’s not all...



Passionate about accurate titration, Colorado’s Mary’s Medicinals makes 2 x 2 inch square transdermal patches in six different varieties. They deliver a slow and consistent long-term medicinal dosage. Simply stick one or more patches to any venous area of skin for all day (or night) relief. This is a much healthier alternative to pharmaceutical options on the market.

Topical Creams

Developed by a licensed Chinese Herbalist, Rescue Rub by Oregon’s Peak Extracts is an all-purpose, non-psychoactive topical medicine for inflammation, pain and skin conditions. It’s created by combining C02 extracted essential oils with various Chinese herbs in hypoallergenic coconut, jojoba and shea oils. Can’t sleep? Applying it to the front of your neck will help you drift off to dreamland.    

Anal Suppositories

Administering cannabis rectally allows cannabinoids to travel directly into the bloodstream, bypassing liver metabolism and allowing you to receive 75% to 80% of the medicine without impairing cognition. Smoking and ingesting cannabis only allows you to receive 15% to 30%. To make your own suppositories, visit for everything you need to know, including support, resources and recipes.

Vaginal Suppositories

Finally, there’s a natural way to mitigate symptoms of menstruation! Based in California, Foria makes THC and CBD enhanced vaginal suppositories with organic cocoa butter, designed to relieve pelvic inflammation and pain by calming muscles around the ovaries, cervix and uterus without causing psychotropic effects. The compounds found in cannabis, using this delivery system, activate essential cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region, significantly decreasing pain.

Sensual Lubricants

Luminous Botanicals, the first company in Oregon to offer a sensual cannabis oil, discovered THC is what really enhances and amplifies orgasm for both men and women. Their Dew blend is made with 25 mg of THC per milliliter, organic coconut and almond oils as well as therapeutic grade essential oils, and comes in a super convenient airless applicator pump bottle for portability and discreet use. Keep in mind, this product is not compatible with latex condoms.

There’s something from everyone in this brave new world. However, it’s important to do your homework, research the brand, know the ingredients and consult with health professionals. Everyone’s relationship with cannabis is different. Your tolerance and sensitivity may change depending on diet, mood, and how often you consume. Keep a journal, know your dosage and have fun experimenting with this miracle plant in all of its different manifestations.

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Zoe Wilder
Zoe Wilder is a media relations professional and business consultant orbiting cannabis, tech, wellness, music, art, wine and spirits. For 17 years, Zoe has worked with hundreds of clients across a variety of industries to develop and execute inventive promotional content and campaigns that capture the attention of tastemakers and influencers from around the globe.
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