OG Zered Bassett Destroys in His New “Eastern Promise” Edit
Watch the skateboard veteran continue to deliver for the East Coast.
Published on January 16, 2017

Hats off and a solid all-around salute goes out to New York City skateboard veteran Zered Bassett. Not only has the man been ripping since the early Zoo (England) York days of the late 90s, but he’s also managed to continue to progress and repackage his value to many a well-respected sponsor.

Having recently signed on as the first pro for tongue-in-cheek board company, Alltimers, “Dr. Z” continues to converge his hard-working, blue-collared skateboarding abilities into industry relevancy in 2017. Being on the Converse Cons skate squad is also a pretty big and supportive deal, FYI.

However, coming in strong on the sponsorship side is just one part of business. Basset’s other ingredient for long-term success is obviously delivering his skills, which he does quite excellently in his new “Eastern Promise” edit.

The segment is chock full of clean, technical, and switch magic on raw terrain. Biggie’s “Gimme The Loot” plays agrresively while the veteran flexes his ledge, transition, manual, bank, and grind expertise. The riding is strong, well-seasoned, and not overc(r)ooked—a master chef whipping up a classic and tasteful meal for fans.

Right on Dr. Z, it doesn’t get any more filling than this!   

Rainey Cruz
Rainey Cruz is a Caribbean-born spirit based in New York City with interests in art, music, skateboarding, mysticism, street, and world culture.
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