Your Holiday Gift Guide with Ardent Cannabis: Leader in DIY Cannabis Creations
Once upon a time, working with cannabis extracts in the kitchen was always a messy and time-consuming venture. Today, with Ardent Cannabis's infusion devices, infusions and decarbing are easier and faster than ever before — and best of all, no mess!
Published on December 21, 2020

Making your own cannabis edibles, THC/CBD tinctures, topicals, capsules or other infused products shouldn’t be difficult. Thanks to Ardent, it’s never been easier, saving you a ton of money (and guesswork). Ardent offers a full set of easy-to-use precision decarbing and infusing machines that do everything for you, accurately, and odor-free at the press of a button.


FX & Nova Cooking/Baking Devices:

The patented Nova Decarboxylator and Infuser is Ardent’s OG device. This smaller unit holds up to 1 oz. of flower and fully activates your THC or CBD with one easy button. Ardent’s newest device, the all-in-one FX “easy bake” kitchen, holds up to 4 oz. of flower that decarbs, infuses, and even lets you cook/bake your edibles right inside! No baking or cooking experience required. The FX is also dishwasher-safe, making cleanup incredibly easy afterwards. Both the FX and Nova let you use flower, kief, or concentrates, and require no minimum amount for your creations. Be sure to check out Ardent’s line of FX/Nova accessories and DIY edible kits to make your infusions that much easier!


Full DIY Edible Kits & Bundles:

Aside from the FX and Nova devices, Ardent makes infusions even easier with their full “everything but the bud” infusion kits. With new kits being constantly released, they offer tasty and unique DIY kits such as mini apple pies (new), mini chocolate truffle cups (new), cloud cakes, caramels and other edible options in addition to essential oil-based kits like the olive oil duo kit or coconut oil kit. All you need to bring is the bud (or concentrates)! 


FX & Nova Essential Accessories

Own (or thinking of owning) a Nova or FX all-in-one cannabis kitchen? You’re going to want to check out Ardent’s line of essential accessories that make your infusions that much easier and mess-free. With Nova and FX silicone infusion sleeves, cleanup becomes a breeze. With the FX Infusion Press (a french press, but for weed), there’s no more need for messy straining equipment like cheesecloths and coffee filters! And with Ardent’s new Nova & FX Lifters, you can easily place and bake your infusions in your machine, and easily pull them out afterward by the handle. 


Happy Infusing with Ardent!

From Ardent’s easy decarbing & infusing devices to the accessories and DIY edible kits, creating your own cannabis products has never been easier. You can also find recipes and free decarbing/infusing guides on their website at

**This was made in partnership with Ardent Cannabis

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