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Thugger Goes Mortal Kombat and Says Yes to the Dress

Watch Young Thug choose his dress for 'Jeffrey' album cover.

by Adrian Nuñez

Young Thug had headlines in a stir regarding his choice of outfit for his recent Jeffrey release. Frankly, many older hip hop heads just don’t understand his androgynous style that blurs the lines of gender. New York-based fashion hub VFILES is responsible for introducing the dress to Thugger, as shown in their latest episode of “What Rox?”

We find Thug being introduced to the astounding dress designed by Alessandro Trincone, which he says reminds him of Mortal Kombat character Raiden. He immediately declares the dress to be his album cover.

In addition to saying yes to the dress, Thugger also dished some serious relationship advice on the topic of threesomes to Director of VIP Services and host of the show Rox Brown.

Check out the interview here.




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