YG Faces Backlash After Filming His Daughter Smell a Bag of Weed on Instagram
The “Fuck Donald Trump” rapper didn’t get in hot water with the police, but he caught a bunch of shit on social media after posting the video.
Published on November 12, 2019

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In the latest case of doing it for the ‘gram gone wrong, Los Angeles rapper YG is facing public backlash after posting an Instagram video where he gives his 3-year-old daughter a bag of weed to smell.

The video, which has since been removed from YG’s feed, but has been reposted by multiple music news accounts on Twitter and Instagram, shows the “Who Do You Love?” MC talking to his daughter Harmony as she picks up and smells a sizeable bag of bud.

As she examines the package, YG asks her what’s in the bag, to which she excitedly responds, “broccoli!” YG then asks Harmony what the bag smells like, to which the toddler once again exclaims, “broccoli!”

YG has never been shy about his love for cannabis, speaking frequently about the plant in both his raps and in interviews. But while weed is legal for adults 21 and over to possess and puff in YG’s home state of California, it is still generally frowned upon to consume or carry that stash around kids. And even though YG hasn’t gotten a call from LAPD, he did face criticism on social media. 

On Twitter, users called YG everything from irresponsible to an idiot. And no matter how legal weed is in the Golden State, other internet users pointed out that the rapper could still get a visit from Child Protective Services concerning the IG video. Considering the recent legal troubles of Florida rapper Kodak Black, who went to jail for filming his young daughter in a room with weed and guns, those worries might not be too far fetched.

YG removed the video from his Instagram feed shortly after posting it — perhaps recognizing that backlash would be swift  — and has not commented about the situation since.

This past weekend, YG performed at Camp Flog Gnaw in LA, where he brought Stormy Daniels on stage for a rendition of his instant-classic “Fuck Donald Trump.”

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