What to Do When Traveling to a City with Legalized Recreational Weed
An aficionado's guide for visiting states where cannabis tourism is highly enlightened.
Published on March 10, 2017

While weed tours and tourism pick up across the nation, currently only a handful of recreational 420-friendly states exist. Wondering where to shop for weed like groceries and pick up eighths on the way to dinner? Look no further, MERRY JANE’s got your guide.

Whether you’re planning spring break, scheming summer vacation, mapping the next road trip or booking a business conference, the following will help you with logistics. And, once you’ve arrived, review our dos and don'ts of being a weed tourist, so you’re in the know and ready to go!

Photo of Emma Chasen at Farma by Jake Moffett


Between its dramatic Pacific coastline, breathtaking waterfalls, countless vineyards, funky foodie scene, commitment to craft cannabis, and hundreds of recreational dispensaries across the state, Oregon is a traveler’s favorite.

Looking to expand your scientific knowledge of the plant? Visit Farma in southeast Portland where the priority is science, knowledge and premium piff. You’ll learn about whole plant medicine as you shop from one of the best selections in town. After securing your stash, there are plenty of stoner-friendly activities to engage in as you enjoy your legal buzz like Puff, Pass & Paint and Happy Parties.

Visiting Bend? Swing by Bloom Well for a wide variety of products in a comfy space that’s just a hop, skip, and jump from Mt. Bachelor, Deschutes National Forest, and Goody's Chocolate and Ice Cream Factory. Want to celebrate Oregon’s craft movement? Book your trip during the Cultivation Classic, the world's only competition exclusively for soil-grown, pesticide-free flower farmed in Oregon.


Appropriately nicknamed the Evergreen State due to ample evergreen forests, Washington boasts the best of both worlds—big city perks surrounded by the wonders of nature. When visiting Seattle, stock up on supplies at Ranier Cannabis, The Green Door Seattle or Dockside Cannabis before be-bopping over the to the 605-foot-tall Space Needle to soak up city vistas, The Museum of Pop Culture for a jam session, or Pike Place Market for fresh seafood.

Worn out from all of the excitement? Complement your high with a cup o’ joe at one of the city’s many coffee shops. Mother Nature calling? Consider a trip to beautiful San Juan Island for some rest and rejuvenation. Visit the west side of San Juan for scenic views of Vancouver Island, Haro Strait, and the Olympic Peninsula.

Sail, camp, kayak, and whale watch, or find a quaint B&B in Friday Harbor and explore galleries, cafes, open air markets, as well as Pelindaba Lavender Farm. Wanna mix it up with cannabis loving locals? Book your trip during August 18, 19 and 20 for Seattle Hempfest, one of the world’s largest annual cannabis celebrations with music, speakers, arts, crafts, and gourmet food.

Photo credit: Colorado Cannabis Tours


Sprawling fields and desert expanses flanked by the mighty Rocky Mountains, Colorado is an outdoor adventurer's dream. Retail dispensaries can be found throughout the state aligning most destinations with gooey green ganja delights. Check out the Estes Park area for local attractions, whitewater rafting, hiking, fishing, rock climbing, and stop at The Bud Depot for a finely curated selection of puffable, edible, medible delectables.

Nearby Fort Collins is great for similar fun with the addition of incredible beer breweries—Infinite Wellness Center is a good look there. Boulder is Colorado’s notoriously fun music and revelry hotspot and home to premium indoor grows and several distinguished dispensaries. Or stick to the Denver city life among bars, clubs, restaurants, and everything in between, including numerous cannabis concerts, festivals, and competitions throughout the year. Colorado even boasts all-inclusive Bud & Breakfasts, you can book tours, accommodations and more through Colorado Cannabis Tours.

Photo credit: Alaska Fireweed


Weed’s certainly a thing in America’s winter wonderland, and retail stores are propping up across the state. Anchorage’s FireWeed is accessible to downtown boasting knowledgeable customer service and a penchant for premium product. Head out to Valdez on the Prince William Sound to experience some of the world’s greatest glaciers, arctic sunbathing, snowboarding, and heli skiing. You can even stop through Herbal Outfitters to dress yourself in herb and all things heady. Plus, the Valdez scenery is generally epic.

Or head out to Denali State Park at North America’s tallest mountain, what used to be called Mt. McKinley. In mid to late August, the sky begins to gets dark enough to experience the aurora boreali. Yes, indeed. Even better on Alaskan weed. For that, check with Denali's Cannabis Cache, looking to serve the adult-use market upon reopening this season.

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