What Is “Strawberry Cough” Weed and Does the Strain Actually Taste Like Fruit?
The Strawberry Cough cannabis strain has been immortalized in pop culture, and it almost became a Nike shoe, too. But does this variety of weed actually taste like some fresh-picked berries?
Published on May 13, 2020

Plenty of marijuana strains have names that indicate what a smoker is committing to once they take a puff. Amnesia Haze often induces a fugue that results in some trivial short-term memory loss. The strain formerly known as Gorilla Glue is stickier than bubblegum in the middle of the summer. And Wedding Cake kind of tastes like, well, a vanilla wedding cake. 

But one of the first strains famous for matching its namesake with its nature is Strawberry Cough. And, as the name suggests, the real deal smells and tastes like wild strawberries.

Normally, this is the part where we briefly cover the strain’s known history. The problem with Strawberry Cough is that no one knows where it actually comes from. Its original breeder, place of origin, and even its genetics are mysteries. 

According to stoner lore, legendary breeder Kyle Kushmann created it. But, he squashed that theory in a recent article. So, since there’s no way to track this strain’s chain of custody from the original mother to current-day sales, it’s possible that many of the buds being sold as “Strawberry Cough” aren’t actually what they claim to be. Regardless, if it’s labeled “Strawberry Cough,” it better remind you of that juicy, red eaterio fruit. 

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