What Does “Boofing” Drugs Mean, and Is It a Risky Practice?
Sticking drugs up your butt may sound like an edgy way to get lifted, but it can fuck your body up in the wrong ways, too.
Published on March 23, 2020

When most folks get intoxicated, they do it through their mouth, either by drinking, smoking, vaping, or swallowing pills. But it’s possible to get elevated by going through the other end of the digestive system — aka the booty.

Known as “boofing” on the streets, administering drugs up your tush isn’t new. People have been shoving substances up their ass since antiquity, thousands of years before cops performed roadside cavity searches. 

But what, exactly, is boofing? Which drugs are most ideal for bumping in the bum? And what are the benefits, and risks, of going the anal route? 

First Off, Let’s Start with the Risks

Before we go any further (or deeper), know that boofing even legal pharmaceuticals is illegal if they aren’t suppositories (i.e. drugs specifically designed to go up your keister). That applies even if a doctor prescribed you the drug. In other words, if you got a script for Adderall, and you decide to boof it and the cops catch you (an embarrassment all by itself), you can still get charged with illegal drug use. 

OK, now with that out of the way, also understand that boofing can be incredibly fucking dangerous. Like, “Oh shit, you just overdosed and died” dangerous. The entire colon is one long, massive mucous membrane, which evolved over millions of years to rapidly and efficiently absorb whatever goes in there. The colon acts as one way your body gets nutrients from digested food. It can soak up drugs at far faster rates than snorting those same drugs can. To put this into perspective, people who boof alcohol have died from doing so, whereas had they simply chugged that same amount of alcohol, the worst they would’ve experienced was a wicked hangover the next day.

Additionally, since the colon did not evolve to take in things like cocaine, some drugs may damage the fragile tissue there essential for doing things like keeping you alive. So, repeated, chronic boofing of many drugs could do a permanent number on your poop chute. 

MERRY JANE does not encourage or endorse boofing, with the exception of suppositories (weed or otherwise) designed specifically for anal administration. We’re only providing what follows for educational purposes only. If you stick drugs where the sun doesn’t shine, that is all on you, homie. We assume no responsibility for your experimentation.


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How Boofing Is Done

Alrighty, now that you know that you shouldn’t boof drugs, here’s how it’s done.

Most drugs are water-soluble, meaning they dissolve in water. Boofers will take whatever drug they’re interested in, dissolve it in a small amount of hot water, then draw that mixture into a syringe (without a needle, you psychos). Then, said individual should apply some lube to the end of the syringe and the rim of their rectum, then work the syringe in carefully. And, once it’s in there, push down on the plunger and deliver the water-drug mixture into their colon. 

Assuming the pipes are clear (i.e. not filled with literal shit), the colon lining should start soaking up the drugs right away. Boofed drugs kick in faster than drugs taken orally, since they bypass the stomach and go straight from the colon to the bloodstream.

In case you’re wondering, yes, you can boof cannabis extracts. However, THC does not intoxicate through the anal route for a variety of biochemical reasons we won’t get into here. Just know that you can theoretically shove entire grams of cannabis up your ass, and the only thing you’ll feel is a sore butthole (unless, of course, the cannabis was designed as a suppository). 

OK, So Why Boof at All?

Buttplay requires a lot of work, patience, and, uh, relaxation. So, why do some folks boof at all?

Well, there’s certainly a taboo aspect to it, just as there is with anal sex. If someone’s pretty much done it all when it comes to drugs, then boofing up the fanny remains one of the final frontiers. Additionally, some people swear that boofing generates different highs than smoking, snorting, or swallowing drugs, which, again, contributes to its novelty and appeal.

And, finally, boofing does possess some (minor) advantages to other conventional routes, such as snorting. For instance, snorting drugs can cause severe sinus irritation or even sinus infections. Or, if someone has a cold or allergies, and their nose is plugged up with snot, then sniffing a line is off the table (or, rather, the line will remain on the table despite the drug consumer’s best efforts). Basically, a lot of the problems associated with snorting drugs can be avoided by boofing. 

An Additional Note on Boofing

There’s one last risk from boofing we didn’t yet address: Since the boofer puts things in their butt, they risk some serious sepsis-level infections if things go terribly wrong. In other words, boofing could, in the absolute worst-case scenarios, cause the bacteria in your asshole to infect your blood via a small cut or tear, which could cause organ failure and permanent brain damage (how’s that for an anti-drug PSA?).

If you want to keep it chill while still getting lit, best to stick to sticking drugs through the upper portion of the digestive tract. 

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