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Check Out Taylor Nawrocki’s Unorthodox “Spirit Quest” Part

Colin Read’s latest video flips the script.

by Hadrien Turner

If you’ve never seen a Colin Read (a.k.a. Mandible Claw) video, and are not sure what to expect, our advice is to expect the unexpected.

While Colin is able to capture some great skating, as a filmmaker he is interested in much more than that. His latest video, Spirit Quest (which he has announced will also be his last) is a testament to this. Described as “ A journey through nature, time, and space,” which may seem too grandiose to be true, but through editing and graphic overlays Read has turned a mere skate video into just that.
While the full video is only available to rent or purchase, Transworld has today shared the full part from Politic Skateboards and Nike SB rider Taylor Nawrocki. While it may not be his absolute best skating to date, the skating and editing flow together perfectly and combine for a memorable and delightful viewing experience. As we mentioned earlier, some of the sequences will surprise you.
Check out the trailer for Spirit Quest here (it’s beautiful) and watch Taylor’s part here. If you like what you see, be sure to cop the video.


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Hadrien Turner is a music and skate junkie based in Athens, GA who has written for publications like Mass Appeal and The Ride Channel.



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