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Watch Long Beach, California’s Artistic Resurgence in “Paint It Forward”

"Art breeds innovation and creativity, because it's the springboard for everything else."

by Greg Hurdle

by Greg Hurdle

Ever since urban landscapes transitioned from being riddled with graffiti to laden with beautiful street art, cities have become steeped in hues and imagery that help change their identities. Examples of the effect that art can have on a once dreary metropolis can be seen from the walls of Wynwood to the boulevards and parkways of Bushwick, Brooklyn and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In Paint It Forward, directed by Scott Nichols, we get a glimpse of Long Beach and how a few of its dedicated citizens have converged to uplift the community through art. The short film highlights how art can be a means of breaking down barriers and shattering stigmas, all in the spirit of progression and positivity.

 Ultimately benefiting the city and its inhabitants in ways that will continue to impact them both, respectively, in the future and beyond.

Watch Paint It Forward here


Paint It Forward from Sickboat Creative on Vimeo.


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Greg Hurdle

Greg Hurdle is a writer based in Brooklyn, NY. He's written for Mass Appeal, Green Label, and Complex Media. He aims to redefine "fire content."



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