Wash Away Your Fear of a Hair Follicle Drug Test
With Nutra Cleanse Folli-Cleanse shampoo, beating The Man’s invasion of your mane is as easy as lather, rinse, and relax.
Published on July 29, 2019

When it comes to passing a drug test for weed, peeing clean is a breeze. You put down the pot, find the right cleanse kit, and — presto — your drug-free urine results will flow as good as gold.

Hair follicle drug tests, however, can be a bit more hair-raising. In fact, they can be downright scary. Don’t go bald worrying about it, though. We’ve found the perfect sudsy solution!

We’ve all heard rumors about how drug toxins can be found in your hair for at least 90 days — and maybe even way longer — whether you’ve got long locks, a full ’fro, dread locks, close-cropped curls, or a near-bare buzzcut.

The science may remain debatable on the detection front, but we can state this for sure: the ability to beat a follicle drug test by permanently removing all toxins from your hair within 60 minutes is available right now at a price that’s more than worth it — and, even then, it’s 100 percent money-back guaranteed.

The secret is no secret at all: it’s Nutra Cleanse Folli-Clean Shampoo. So, if you’re up against a hair drug test, it is an ideal solution for coming through squeaky clean.

We work for a live music event company, specifically running sound and lighting. There’s more than a little roadie labor thrown in, too, which is cool, because we like being able to physically guarantee we’re putting on the best show possible. We’re also fully aware that we can perform all our duties to the best of our abilities while also partying on and off the clock. However, some corporate higher-ups leftover from the pre-stoned age insist on drug-testing the staff handling their precious equipment every so often.

In the past, that meant tinkling into a cup. The last time we had to take a urine test, we gulped down a lot of water, logged on to the Internet, and came across the website — and it was perfect. We ordered a cleanse kit, peed clean, and since then we’ve kept the beats pumping loud and the colors flashing bright.  

A couple of weeks ago, though, one of our work buddies got pinched (off the job) for some minor possible possession nonsense, and the bosses decided to test him for drugs.

No problem, he thought, getting ready to down some cleansing capsules and aim for the sample cut. Unfortunately, though, the front office buzz-kills took a sample of his hair and our pal was out of luck — and out of employment.

Right on the spot, we whipped out our smartphone, went to, and immediately found the Folli-Clean Nutra Cleanse shampoo. We read the description, saw that it was 100 percent money-back guaranteed, and then tossed that sweet stuff in the cart and opted for overnight shipping so we could have it on hand for work the next day.

Sure enough, the package arrived fast. Inside was a two-ounce bottle of Folli-Clean shampoo, along with info on a PDF cleansing guide and a phone and chat support in case we had any questions. That extra care makes us feel like Nutra Cleanse takes its products seriously.

The box claimed Folli Clean would work within 60 minutes and produce clean-testing hair for the next 24 hours. Sounded like a good thing to keep handy then. So we put the shampoo inside our work bag, headed out for the next gig, and didn’t even think about it for a while — until we had to.

One of the dope (and dope-smoking) young executives let us know one afternoon that the company would be calling everybody in for a “meeting” that would include a surprise hair follicle drug test the next morning. I gulped with anxiety, but had a secret weapon to put it to action.

I woke up a little early that day, got in a quick workout at the office gym and — right there in the building full of anti-pot bosses — I scrubbed my head shiny with Nutra Cleanse Folli-Clean shampoo.

Folli-Clean not only felt like premium shampoo, it actually left my hair looking and feeling great, which would be important if I lost my job and immediately had to go out on interviews. We’re happy to report that didn’t happen.

Instead, I calmly allowed the anti-fun technician to snip off a sample of my hair and then went about business as usual. Naturally, I worried while waiting for the results. But I made damn sure I’d get all of my money back if I failed that test.

Fortunately, got to keep my cash and I got to keep my job. My hair tested clean. Next paycheck, I went back to to order more Folli-Clean. 

In short— or long or however it is you style your locks — Folli-Clean shampoo is your one go-to guarantee for saving your scalp when it comes to passing a hair follicle drug test.

This article is sponsored by PassYourTest.  For more information, you can visit their site, here.

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