Video Original: Highly Productive: Lagunitas Brewing Company
A MERRY JANE original series debunking the stoner stereotype.
Published on March 31, 2016

Welcome to the premiere of Highly Productive a MERRY JANE original series profiling people who kick ass at their career but still enjoy or medically partake in cannabis.

Brewing never sleeps as our cameras take you on a tour of Lagunitas Brewing Company with CEO Tony Magee. The northern California operation sits adjacent to a 20-acre farm, where the close-knit team brews the beer of the future.  

Magee is a proud cannabis connoisseur who shares with MERRY JANE his philosophy on business, the art of brewing beer, and of course, how he likes to get high.

"The brewery is split 50/50 between burners and non-burners," said Magee. "But there's no space between us, that's the funniest part."

Magee and his team draw the parallels between the hops in beer and the trichomes in cannabis.

"There are only four ingredients needed to make beer, but after 15,000 years of brewing on planet earth, there are still new flavors to be found," Magee said. 

Watch as the team channels their inner stoner, putting hops into a vaporizer as a way to release the oils and gather imperical data about the smell profiles. 

By sharing his story, Magee hopes to dispel the myth that stoners are lazy and unproductive, instead using his high as a chance to tap into his art. Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube for more original videos including Seed to Strain, a series spotlighting the behind-the-scenes people and world of growing cannabis.

MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.
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