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Video: Louis CK and the Powerful Development of Marijuana

Even Louis understands how far marijuana has come.

by Audrey Livingston

by Audrey Livingston

Marijuana has changed drastically within the past forty years. The extensive amount of research for developing the highest potency of cannabis has proved effective, according to Louis CK.

In his Bacon Theatre stand up, Louis discusses the powerful effects of today’s marijuana as opposed to his younger days, smoking a joint and singing Bad Company songs. “I didn’t know they had been working on this shit like it was the cure for cancer,” Louis says over laughs as he recalls a recent smoking session with a group of people after one of his shows.

Louis jokes about the effects he felt after heavily inhaling, discusses his awkwardness and paranoia he experienced within their group in a parking lot.

Though this video portrays the funny side of smoking strong marijuana, it is an important discussion many cannabis manufacturers partake in. Smoking accessories, such as vape pens or vaporizing machines, are easily overused due to their appetizing flavor. One inhalation from a vape pen could easily lead to ten, which could cause unintended effects such as paranoia, restlessness, etc.

Be sure to consume responsibly and understand your marijuana dosage in regards to potency.  


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Audrey Livingston

A Texas native living in Boulder, Audrey Livingston enjoys writing about the essence of human nature, the developing medicinal cannabis industry and research-focused studies that,to anyone else, would seem extremely boring.



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