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Passionate Ganja Gifts That Will Light Up Your Valentine's Day
culture  |  Feb 14, 2018

Passionate Ganja Gifts That Will Light Up Your Valentine's Day

There’s been an explosion of canna-products tailored to every facet of the sexual experience, and this round-up of infused treats emphasizes how a box of normal chocolates just won’t cut it anymore.

There’s been an explosion of canna-products tailored to every facet of the sexual experience, and this round-up of infused treats emphasizes how a box of normal chocolates just won’t cut it anymore.

Ah, Valentine's Day. The obligatory celebration of love. Coming in at the darkest hour of retail's post-holiday slump, V-Day's importance is so tenuous that it's not even publicly recognized as a de jure holiday anywhere in the world. While a vehicle of consumerism veiled by the promise of romance is clearly gross, that's not to say it can't be fun, too.

Depending on where you find yourself during this dead week of winter, or more importantly, who you find yourself with, this highly advertised day can mean a number of things. If you're single and feeling well-adjusted, you likely don't give a fuck. If you're in a new relationship, it can be an exciting — albeit nervous — opportunity to cement budding feelings with a meticulously curated gesture. But if you're in any one of the many stages of a real relationship (most of which suck), a panicked sense of obligation might eclipse any semblance of frisson — plus, you're probably still broke from Christmas. Pressure mars the very intimacy this fake holiday attempts to sell.

However, as the cannabis industry thrives in the glow of societal acceptance, weed's ability to enhance intimacy has emerged as a darling of entrepreneurs and lovers alike. While it's no secret that weed makes sex more fun, an explosion in products tailored to every facet of the sexual experience — from lube to tinctures, vapes to edibles — has turned the before-sex joint of the past into the burgeoning sexual wellness market of the future.

Still, Valentine's Day tends to be considered a relationship barometer. Gifting a new lover something like weed lube has the potential to backfire, while awarding a long-term sexual partner face cream could also come off as odd. To ensure that you don't drop the ball on this passion-filled holiday, here are a number of canna-gifts to excite whoever you're seeing. Instead of spending your money on processed sugar at Rite Aid, give the gift of earthly pleasure. After all, sharing our favorite green flower will make a bouquet of roses look silly and outmoded.

1906 High Love Aphrodisiac Chocolates

This artful little box of chocolates delivers an exciting twist on a played out Valentine's staple. Appropriate whether you're dating, just friends, or fully committed — after all, who doesn't want a box of beautifully designed edibles? — the aphrodisiac element keeps things flirty, alluding to the possibility of romance without coming on too strong.

1906's line of chocolates is revolutionary in that they offer rapid delivery, kicking in around 15 minutes. One of the first edible cannabis aphrodisiacs on the market, High Love combines 5 mg THC with intimacy-inducing botanicals like muira puama (the Viagra of the Amazon), damiana (ancient Aztec aphrodisiac), catuaba, ashwagandha, and vanilla. For a significant other, pair with something risque. For the potential lover, give casually, eat one together, and let nature take its course.

For more on 1906's infused chocolates, visit the canna-business's website here

Jungle Boys Dry Sift Rosin Hearts

This gift is for the ultimate stoner boo, with no room for novice exceptions. Owning a dab rig is a must, as is (out of respect for this lit-as-fuck concentrate) possessing a firm handle on what dry sift is, and how rosin differs from other types of concentrates. In other words, this niche product will only be appreciated by serious canna-lovers.

Jungle Boys are among the premiere weed kings in California, known for their exotic strains, including a line with rapper Berner. Not only do they have a wide array of unique flower, they placed 1st in Indica Rosin at last year's Chalice Festival, where they also took home the award for Best Rosin overall.

To be clear, dry sift rosin is a way of making rosin from kief. Trichomes are knocked off the buds by sifting with a screen, then collected and pressed into concentrate in a rosin press. These 3.5 gram hearts are currently available at LA's TLC Collective, the affiliated dispensary of the Jungle Boys. Word to the wise: don't hesitate — Instagram's already abuzz over these heart-shaped delights.

For more on Jungle Boys, visit the canna-business's website here

The Bella Box by The Weekend Box

Looking for a way out of the dreaded friendzone this Valentine's Day? While you may be considering flowers or another run of the mill I like you move, this plush, thoughtful and unexpected gift could be your ticket out. Or, at least a step in the right direction.

Similar to the recent boom experienced by cannabis products catering to romance, CBD skin care lines have become wildly popular. A strong anti-inflammatory, CBD soothes redness and swelling, tightens skin, and halts the production of sebum — the oil that causes acne. The Bella Box features three products from the new skincare line from the creators of The Weekend Box, a curated product box offering Las Vegas cannabis consumers a one-stop shopping experience to sample local brands.

All Bella products are infused with high-quality CBD isolate, with each box containing one Bella Crema Elegante (which boosts collagen for reduction of fine lines, hydrates skin, and provides antioxidant protection), Bella Stress Dissolve Bath Salts (which improves hydration, reduces muscle cramps, and detoxifies the body), and one Bella You're the Bomb Bath Bomb (a bath bomb that rejuvenates skin, reduces cramps and muscle pain, and hydrates the skin).

Despite what nonstop commercials will have you believe, if offered the choice between candy and clear skin, very few would choose candy. A lack of romantic pretense allows the gift to open an ongoing discussion, where compliments won't seem out of place for months to come.

For more on the Weekend Box, visit the canna-business's website here

Huxton’s Love Bundle Gift Set 

As with any “holiday” that warrants everyone leaving their homes at once, it’s better to stay in. Ubers surge, subways are packed, restaurants are filled to the brim. As dinner hour becomes drinking hour, the molotov cocktail of table wine and newfound scrutiny regarding the concept of love erupts, filling the city with sounds of a classic couple’s street fight, clacking heels, and shrieking accusations.

Perfect for the cannabis couple secure enough in their relationship to be content avoiding the shitshow altogether, look no further than Huxton’s Love Bundle Gift Set. Packing everything needed for a chill night at home but the pot itself, experience-based flower brand Huxton has expanded their foray into cannabis accessories with this exceedingly vibe-y box. Each set features your choice of two t-shirts, an aromatherapy candle (available scents correspond with their line of flower — HiFi to excite, or Zen to relax), and a handcrafted walnut ashtray carved from a single piece of wood. Sleek and private, give this gift of peaceful elevation to the one who keeps you mellow.

For more on the Huxton Love Bundle, visit the canna-business’s website here

HerbaBuena "Quiver" Sensual Lubricant

Last but not least, we have my favorite weed lube. As someone who reviews cannabis products for a living, trust me, HerbaBuena's Quiver is extremely dope. While most products in this genre are pretty similar (and great!), something about Quiver's balance of coconut oil, herbs, and THC, (the cannabinoid responsible for dilating capillaries, thereby increasing blood flow and heightening sensitivity) makes it la creme de la creme.

Though not condom safe, as coconut oil can cause damage to latex, Quiver is the perfect gift to share with the person you love the most, inside and out. In addition to general pleasure, Quiver can extend orgasms, as well as alleviate menstrual pain, making it an especially useful tool for those who experience chronic discomfort during intercourse.

Start with two pumps (each pump is 4mgs of THC) and melt into a night of euphoria, far from the feigned excitement, pre-fix menus, and heart-shaped trinkets of Valentine's past.

For more on HerbaBuena, visit the canna-business's website here

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