V Syndicate’s SmartStash Grinder Jar Is the Craftiest 420 Accessory on the Market
The company’s newest innovation — a dynamic, all-in-one grinder and container — represents yet another step in the evolution of elevated smoking accessories.
Published on August 19, 2020

In the beginning, there was the Grinder Card — a flat, wallet-ready shredder launched in 2010 that instantly set the 420 accessory business ablaze. It also established V Syndicate as a cutting-edge leader in the realm of smoking accessories.

But, V Syndicate has since upped its game even more. The inventors behind these useful products recognize that where buds are ground, proper storage is also required to keep your greens ultra-fresh. And thus, the SmartStash was born. 

It’s a calculated move on V Syndicate's part because the SmartStash is an all-in-one jar that features a detachable magnetic grinder plate, a wooden bowl that doubles as a lid, a cavity for a humidity packet (which comes included), and an exquisitely designed glass jar. It’s functional, durable, and designed with a clean, sharp aesthetic. The SmartStash even fits other brands' humidity packets, like Boveda and Integra.


To use the SmartStash, you simply grind your bud against the holes on top of the container. The shake then falls into the hollowed out, bowl portion of the lid. From there, you can funnel out the weed through a metal lip and onto your rolling paper (or pipe). And, anything you don’t smoke can be stored in the jar where a humidity packet keeps it fresh. Nifty, right?  

“The SmartStash was created by combining the innovation of the Grinder Card, and the necessity for a high-end stash jar that keeps herb fresh,” said Melissa Breccia, V Syndicate’s communications director to MERRY JANE. “We realized ‘flat is where it’s at’ in 2010 when the company was founded.”

If you’re a long time toker, you remember the importance of discretion and portability when trying to get stoned out in the world. Hell — discretion and portability are still critical to getting stoned outside the comfort of your home. It’s not convenient to lug around bulky grinders. That’s why the Grinder Card was clutch, Breccia explains. “People could just throw it in their wallet and no one — except that person’s chosen few — would know.” The SmartStash takes it a step further, however.

“We tested various types of glass jars, different humidity packets, magnet strength, and grinding on our newly designed surfaces,” Breccia said, ultimately explaining why the SmartStash is so effective and handy. “Although we are always looking for ways to improve our products, we work hard to ensure that each [accessory] is the best version of itself before hitting the market.”


 Old school stoner aesthetic will forever have its place in our culture. But, the evolution of who a “pothead” is and what it means to smoke weed has also played a key role in developing the SmartStash. As of currently, the SmartStash comes in three sizes and in a dozen different colors and designs, including owls, Calaveras’ (also known as sugar skulls), and other high-vibe symbols. 

“Currently, the industry is shifting in a direction of creating products that are less in the niche of the ‘classic stoner,’ and more for the everyday consumer that doesn’t necessarily want to brand themselves in that manner,” Breccia said. “We want to offer a product that can sit in a home and blend well with the décor, as well as one that is multifunctional, so users don’t need several accessories to enjoy a sesh.”

Despite these shifts, creating the SmartStash was a risk for V Syndicate. Fortunately, it worked, and the rewards have proven more than fruitful — especially for smokers. “When we introduced SmartStash, it was the highest-priced and most different product we’ve ever created,” Breccia explained. “However, people caught on quickly and we had a great response off the bat.”

Another change is that, unlike V Syndicate’s wildly popular past partnerships with Snoop Dogg, Cheech and Chong, Wiz Khalifa, Rick and Morty, and other stoner icons, the SmartStash is not available for private labeling.

“We’re always excited to collaborate with various names and to work on something that speaks to their following,” Breccia said. “It’s always a delight to see what artwork they’ll send our way, and we get just as excited as they do when the final product is in our hands.”


Despite the warm response to collaborations, V Syndicate departed from their usual approach. “Through social media, we have been able to gauge a better understanding of how individuals enjoy them and have used their feedback to make some small changes. New designs are set to be released over the next few months.”

Using the SmartStash makes getting high and inspired easier than ever. No wonder people have discovered other ways to utilize V Syndicate’s dope accessories. “We’ve seen people use V Syndicate products for all kinds of other tasks. Our customers are creative, so you never know what you’ll see when you introduce the next item!”

MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.
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