V Syndicate’s 3D Lenticular Trays Make Rolling Joints a Multi-Dimensional Experience
It’s like rolling joints and blunts with Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Einstein, and Tesla — before you even get stoned!
Published on December 5, 2020

V Syndicate has once again made joint preparation an art — you truly have to see it to believe it. Grab your stash and your papers and get ready to blast off to another dimension, even prior to lighting up.

V Syndicate’s 3D High Def Rollin’ Trays elevate and expand this unique company’s history of innovation in a manner that’s eye-popping, mind-blowing, and still practical. You may never get high without the miracle of moving holographs again!

Remember, V Syndicate has previously upended the accessories industry with game-changers on the order of the SmartStash Grinder Jar; Non-Stick Grinder Cards; hybrid dab mat rolling trays; and the very best glass rolling trays to ever reach the market, among other leaps forward for smokers in terms of technology, ease-of-use, and convenience.


Now comes the High Def revolution, wherein V Syndicate has taken their already best-in-business rolling trays and brought them to moving, hovering, and swaying life through the miracle of lenticular optics. Check them out on V Syndicate’s Instagram, but even then you won’t be prepared for the full High Def Rollin’ Tray impact.

Get ready to astound your best smoking buds with the V Syndicate High Def Rollin’ Trays. Each insanely durable, drop-tested lenticular High Def tray features a 3D, holographic image that actually moves when you tilt it from side to side.

In keeping with V Syndicate’s partnerships, there are High Def 3D Rollin’ Trays emblazoned with stoner heroes on the order of Alice and her wonderland pals, and individual tributes to Einstein and Tesla, as well as signature company favorites Cosmic Chronic and Chameleon.

Beyond the 3D holograms, each lenticular High Def Rollin’ Tray comes with a notch in the corner that can be used for funneling or resting your joint or blunt between hits.

You won’t think it’s possible, but V Syndicate’s High Def Rollin’ Trays are real and ready for you to score now. We were so astonished by them we had to find out how the trays came to be, how they work, and what might come next. Melissa Breccia, V Syndicate’s Director of Communications, broke it down for us.


MERRY JANE: How did V Syndicate come up with the idea for High Def Rollin’ Trays?

MELISSA BRECCIA: We’re always looking to expand our tray lines, and 3D images seemed like a natural pathway when considering our audience. Even outside of the cannabis community, though, lenticulars have been making a return to popularity. People seem to be clinging to nostalgic pieces now more than ever. The ’90s are definitely being revived, which is interesting because it wasn’t that long ago. But 3D images were clearly a staple piece back then that are continuing to add to their legacy.

MERRY JANE: Please tell us about the technical aspects of the High Def Rollin’ Trays — the process, how they work, etc.

It was a lengthy process of reviewing several types of lenticular samples and deciding which of our designs have the right elements that pop. Once we found the best quality, we had to make sure that the effect still looked good while being covered by a thin layer of tempered glass, which protects the image from residue. It’s surprisingly durable—we’ve taken a hammer to the glass and even with some heavy force, it does not shatter!

The trays have a wood frame that give the lenticulars a classier upgrade. They’re the same concept that most people grew up enjoying (just tilt it and watch the images shift positions) but the wood really brings it to that adult level. Finally, underneath each tray, we have a stiffened felt layer, which prevents it from slipping around on smooth surfaces.


MERRY JANE: We can’t stop raving about the High Def Rollin’ Trays. What’s been some other feedback you’ve gotten?

They nearly sold out during our wholesale pre-order phase! We did set aside some for our own site, and plan to host giveaways over the coming months! We’ve received a very positive response on Instagram so it’s been encouraging all around. We work with meme pages in our industry and witness the criticisms that people have about ads, but we’re pretty fortunate to consistently receive a solid amount of appreciation. We love to run contests and sales so everyone can enjoy.


MERRY JANE: What other plans does V Syndicate have for lenticular products?

We’re definitely looking at other suitable areas to implement them, but for the most part our focus is in continuously improving the High Defs. We adjust as we go, and always take consumer feedback into account. The main thing to concentrate on right now is how to market a 3D product in spaces where we can’t always share video content! If someone is quickly browsing a PDF catalog, or someone shares an image of the tray without the video, the point is a bit lost. So we’re working hard on explanatory graphics and icons to help!

**This was made in partnership with V Syndicate

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