The Trailer Park Boys Will Soon Sell Their Own Line of Weed
Things are gonna get greasy.
Published on December 1, 2016

For many years, the characters Ricky, Julian and Bubbles have sold weed, hash and brownies- in every form, out their cars, sheds and trailers. Now the trio of actors will actually be selling weed on a commercial scale.

The Trailer Park Boys mockumentary blockbuster brand formed in 1999 and first appeared on Canadian TV in 2001. Since then, they've become the Three Stooges of weed, and have become internationally known and made their way onto Netflix for the uninitiated to binge on. "Rickyisms" have become a trademark highlight on the show and a meme sensation on social media.

Recently OrganiGram teamed up with TBS Productions to brand their own line of cannabis. TBS Productions is the company run by Mike Smith (Bubbles), John Paul Tremblay (Julian), and Robb Wells (Ricky).

"After our initial meeting with the Maritime-based executive team at OrganiGram, we all felt strongly that they were the perfect partner and the timing was right to move forward," Ray Gracewood, the chief commercial officer at OrganiGram stated. "Brands will play a key role within the cannabis market space, and we're devoting the thought leadership and developing our strategy well in advance of these expected changes to ensure we're prepared."

OrganiGram is located in Moncton, New Brunswick, and is the only licensed producer in the province. "Plants take a long time to grow, so we need to make sure that we — pardon the pun — but we have to plant the seeds now to sort of prepare ourselves for the future," said Gracewood. "We're hoping to produce 16,000 kilograms of volume as early as next year."

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned on the promise of legalizing pot. After Colorado legalized marijuana, Robb Wells said that he hopes Canada follows through and legalizes pot like Colorado. Since the original series ended in 2008, the last three seasons have delighted fans with availability on Netflix. The tenth season of the Trailer Park Boys, featuring none other than Snoop Dogg himself, aired on Netflix last March.

Benjamin M. Adams
Benjamin Adams is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in a slew of publications including CULTURE, Cannabis Now Magazine, and Vice. Follow Ben on Twitter @BenBot11
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