The Top Five Must-See Cannabis-Centric Shows
There’s a whole array of new television shows based around the wild world of marijuana, come and see which ones we rate as the ‘highest’.
Published on October 2, 2016

It’s been over ten years since the average television-watching American was shocked and awed by Jenji Kohan’s dark comedy Weeds. One of Showtime’s most successful programs of all-time, it lasted eight whole seasons following its premiere in 2005. The show followed the comically tragic life of Nancy Botwin, a widowed mother who transforms into a big-time weed dealer to help support her faltering family. Even though the show was packed with cannabis use and other profane acts, even the most vanilla Baby Boomers tuned in every week to see just what kind of trouble Botwin and her family would inevitably get into next.

Since then, cannabis has become medicinally legal in over half of the United States, and with this growing acceptance has come an increasing amount of television shows centered around the legal and illegal cannabis industries. In 2016, there is a cannabis-centric television show for everyone, from young stoners to overly concerned mothers. Not sure which show to tune into? No need to fret. MERRY JANE is here to guide you through the dankest weed-based shows that are currently on air.

High Maintenance

When High Maintenance first hit the entertainment circuit in 2012, it was a hilarious underground web series. Now, the show was created by Ben Sinclair and his wife Katja Blichfeld in 2012 is getting that premium HBO treatment. For those of you unfortunate souls who have yet to see High Maintenance , the premise is simple. The show follows a nameless New York City-based marijuana deliveryman only referred to as "The Guy" who gets sucked into the unpredictable lives of the various characters that he delivers his illegal product to. The show was one of my personal favorites as a web series, so I can only imagine how great it will be with the prestigious entertainment channel HBO backing it. High Maintenance premiere on HBO on September 16th at 11PM. 

Mary + Jane

Unlike High Maintenance, the hysterical adventures showcased in MTV’s new show Mary + Jane take place in the legal landscape of Southern California. The show, which features Snoop Dogg as an executive producer, follows two best friends and cannabis entrepreneurs named Jordan and Paige as they try to run an app-based marijuana delivery service in Los Angeles. Currently in the midst of its first season, Mary + Jane takes a much-needed comical look at the California cannabis scene. Be sure to follow the two buzzed buddies as they try to run their cannabis delivery business, find romance, and stay high as hell throughout the entire ride. 

Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens

If you’re a fan of Queens-based rapper Action Bronson, the History Channel’s infamous show Ancient Aliens, trippy visualizations, or all of the above, you need to tune into Viceland’s Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens. Now, you may be asking yourself, ‘why would I want to watch a television show of Action Bronson watching another television show?’ Well, you just answered that question for yourself. The premise of the show is simple, yet never provides a dull moment, as Action Bronson and his rotating guests sit on a couch dabbing wax and talking shit like it’s nobody’s business. While Action and company get high as satellites off dabs, the green screen behind them transforms into a visual landscape that carries the couch across the world and even into outer space.  

Cannabis Moms Club

Considered to be the hottest show on Elizabeth Banks’ new digital entertainment platform WhoHaha, Cannabis Moms Club is a treat for cannabis users young and old. Each episode of the web series is short and sweet, and efficiently proves that, when stoned, our mothers are probably much funnier than we’ll ever be. Produce by Quiet Duke, the show features the hilarious and mostly pointless conversations held between five average moms who are stoned off of their asses. You can watch the first five episodes on WhoHaha, but beware, this show might just make you want to roll one up with your own mother.


For those of you looking for a bit of reality in your cannabis television programming, then Viceland’s television documentary Weediquette. The show is hosted by Krishna Andavolu, who takes you around the world to meet a wide range of intriguing individuals that depend on cannabis for their livelihood. With the renowned Spike Jonze as the creative director, Weediquette is an artistic and informative program for anyone looking to gain insight on cannabis throughout the world. The show is currently in the midst of season two, and can be watched on Viceland on Wednesday’s at 10 PM ET.  





Tyler Koslow
Tyler Koslow is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer with an intensive focus on technology, music, pop culture, and of course, cannabis and its impending legalization.
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