Top 5 Things To Do With Empty Weed Containers
Channel your inner hoarder and put your old weed containers to use.
Published on January 20, 2016

One of the many beautiful things about the modern era of weed sales comes in the small joy that is packaging. With legalization in many states (and innovative not so legal sellers), the way our weed is distributed looks, well – different.

I’m guilty of picking what strain I want based on which package I think is cuter, what sticker is the funniest or what size container I have the most use for at the time. Being an avid smoker, my accumulation of weed containers has blossomed into a borderline memorabilia collection, and as any New Yorker can attest – we don’t have space for collecting anything that doesn’t serve a utilitarian function. It can be a bummer to toss out such fun containers, so it’s best to put them to use!

There are infinite ways you can use your empty weed jars/vials/bags/etc. but here are some of my favorites:

  1. Beads and crafting

    My most common use for old containers is storing my crafting supplies. As someone who dabbles in jewelry making, I have tons and tons of beads. My old weed vials have come in handy for keeping my supplies organized and tidy. Other crafty friends of mine use larger jars, often found at dispensaries, to mix new paints or store loose craft items like glitter, rhinestones, etc.
  2. Travel carriers

    Everyone knows that nothing stinks like a used one hitter, but of course we all need to carry around our one hitters. When heading out for the weekend, I like to toss my one hitter and a to-go nugget in an old containers and toss it in my purse. Keeps my items together and my bag from smelling like resin.
  3. Loose leaf teas & spices

    After visiting a friend’s home and noticing all of her spices/assortments of teas weren’t kept in Pinterest-recommended baby food jars, but weed containers, I knew she was on to something. Using weed jars with an airtight lid keeps loose teas fresh and prevents them from drying out. She also used jars to store spices that were bought in bulk – saving money as well. Genius.
  4. Home organization

    This might sound like a no brainer, but using these multi-sized containers to keep drawers and tool boxes tidy is a game changer. Living in a tiny box apartment in Brooklyn, it’s essential that all my shit stays organized. I use vials to store paper clips, push pins, rogue sewing needles and the like. Bigger jars have been useful in separating nails, screws and other miscellaneous hardware that I don’t know the names of. Voila.
  5. Vitamins & pills

    I live in a state where an allergy attack, migraine or sore throat is always a potential, so I have to be prepared. I throw a hodge podge of medication that keeps my head on straight on any given day in a larger weed jar and toss it in my bag. That way my Advil, Claritin, Vitamin C or whatever the day might call for is neatly in my purse whenever I need it.

Useful, am I right? Think before you throw away – and if you must get rid of your old containers, don’t forget to recycle. We do love green after all.

How do you use your old containers? Tweet me your ideas! @juliannthrax

Juliann DiNicola
Juliann DiNicola enjoys lipstick, smoking weed with her morning coffee and all things music. She lives with her dog in Brooklyn.
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