These Are the Top 5 Papers You Should be Rolling Joints with in 2021
Whether you're rollin' with the homies or by yourself, you should always be smoking excellent joints. Here are the best paper brands that will ensure every rolling experience is better than the last.
Published on December 10, 2020

The end of 2020 is within reach — thank JAH! And there’s no better way to welcome in the new year than with a high-quality, stoney pre-roll. In 2021, we’re not settling for anything less than the best when it comes to cannabis — especially after the year we’ve had. 

But with so many different kinds of papers on the market, finding the right ones can feel like a chore. That’s ultimately why we curated a list of the best rolling papers. We’re well into the 21st Century — you shouldn’t have to resort to trial and error for something as basic as determining who’s producing the best papers to roll your medicinal herbs in. 

From cannabis classics to newer options you’ve yet to see, these joint papers will enhance your smoking experience tenfold. Here are the best of the best rolling papers, cones, and wraps that you need to know about in 2021.


King Palm’s Pre-Rolled Cones

Okay, okay. These technically aren’t rolling papers, but we wouldn’t be true cannabis lovers if these weren’t on our list. King Palm’s pre-rolled cones create a rolled smoking experience that most papers simply can’t. These wraps are made using all-natural palm leaves that don’t contain any tobacco or chemicals. A clean product like this one seems like the only choice during a time that’s made health and wellness a central concern.

Since they’re pre-rolled cones, King Palm saves you the time and effort of ruining multiple papers before finally rolling a joint you’re satisfied with. Instead, you can just grind your weed and then pack it with the bamboo stick King Palm includes in each package. Now, packing a fat joint has never been easier. 

Without adding any extra chemicals or additives, King Palm’s pre-rolled cones are designed to help people fully enjoy the taste and smell of flower. Or, you can try out their terpene-infused flavor tips and rolls to bring new flavors to your bud if you want to spice it up. Whether you get a flavor roll or a regular palm leaf wrap, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by these cones’ smooth, slow-burn. Seriously, King Palms will last way longer than your typical joint. The versatility and all-natural aesthetic of King Palm keeps these delicious papers at the top of our list, in spite of them not being traditional “papers.”


Raw Rolling Papers

We can’t think of a better way to introduce the new year — especially after the fever dream we experienced in 2020 — than lighting up a joint made from classic Raw rolling papers. 

Raw makes their cones using all-natural plant fibers and a pure, natural gum line to aid in producing a smoother, slower-burning joint. Vegans rejoice! In keeping with the natural theme, Raw’s rolling papers do not use any animal-based products. That means that you can roll one up and spark it guilt-free — something we all should be aiming for in 2021. 

To give you some choices for your New Years’ celebration and beyond, Raw offers their classic rolling papers, alongside organic hemp papers, and their unbleached Raw Black papers. We’ll talk a bit more about hemp papers later, but Raw’s Black papers are worth discussing now: These ultra-thin joint papers are so natural that you can easily taste every terpene in your flower. These are wonderful for all you self-proclaimed cannabis connoisseurs out there. 


Zig Zag Rolling Papers

Another cannabis community staple that must be enjoyed in 2021 is Zig Zag rolling papers. Zig Zags are one of the world’s first, so you can spark one up and go back in time — or, at least back to your couch. 

Starting as a simple rip of rolled up paper used to smoke tobacco, Zig Zags have permeated the zeitgeist. They are an emblem of cannabis culture. Now, these papers are crafted with only the highest-quality natural ingredients to help give you a smooth, reliable smoke. Taking puffs from these truly feels like smoking for the first time again. 

Zig Zag offers premium rolling papers in various sizes, bleached and unbleached, for every type of stoner out there. They also have organic hemp papers, ultra-thin papers, and slow-burning papers, too. There’s something for everyone.


Pure Hemp and Juicy Jays Hemp Rolling Papers

In general, hemp rolling papers are exploding in popularity. Brands like Pure Hemp and Juicy Jays, alongside Zig Zag and Raw, make papers with all-natural hemp paper. In fact, most of the biggest rolling paper companies out there have at least some form of hemp-based option. 

Hemp rolling cones are sought-after for a plethora of reasons. Not only are people all about plant-based everything these days, but hemp is also a beneficial, multifaceted plant. For centuries, hemp has been used to make textiles, food and beverage, and even paper. The Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper because they knew they were writing something that would last. Turns out, hemp rolling papers sure do last, too. 

With these plant-based papers comes a chemical-free, more natural smoke. Not to mention, hemp papers for joints taste incredible. Some papers aren’t so pleasant in the mouth, reminding you of, well, paper. Hemp papers, on the other hand, taste naturally herbaceous and help bring out the flavors of your flower. 


Custom Rolling Papers

Something a bit newer to the cannabis community, and something we see exploding in 2021, are custom rolling papers. From the size of your papers to the material they’re made out of, you can now completely customize the look of your joint papers — and even the boxes they come in. Futuristic, right?

Companies like The Rolling Paper Company, Roll Your Own Papers, and Snail Papers all specialize in helping you make custom rolling papers. Why? Because smoking cannabis is a personal experience. Keep in mind that doing this is going to cost a bit more than just picking up a pack of Raws at the gas station. But, you can smoke from a rolling paper with your face on it if you want, so that’s something. 

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you want your own totally customized joint papers, ones made from hemp, or ones made from palm leaves, the cannabis community brings you all that and so much more. 2021 is the year for making things better, so why not kick things off with the best rolling papers you can find! 

**This was made in partnership with King Palm

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