The World’s First Terpene-Infused Beer
San Diego’s Jetty Extracts teamed up with Thorn Street Brewery to create OG High IPA.
Published on July 7, 2016

Would you favor a beer that’s been infused with fragrant cannabis terpenes over your regular pint of choice? That’s now a reality thanks to two innovative southern California companies!

In San Diego, one of the craft beer capitals of the world, two brands have come together to create a collaborative new product, showing the world just how well cannabis and hops can coexist, while proving that weed belongs among the finer things in life.

Meet the brainchild of Thorn Street Brewery and Jetty Extracts: OG HighPA, the perfect Session IPA for the summer, infused with natural cannabis terpenes and rounding out at a refreshing and appropriate 4.20% alcohol by volume.

It’s made with a blend of Citra, Mosaic, and Columbus hops, as well as pinene and myrcene for the signature “dankness” so reminiscent of a fresh, juicy cannabis flower. With terpenes derived from Pineapple Kush and select other fragrant strains, the flavors of pine, grass, and a hint of citrus make this rare beer one-of-a-kind.

Beer and bud have a love-hate relationship. On one hand, they both are derived from the same plant family, sharing similar terpene profiles. On the other hand, many cannabis users have strong feelings about the negative social effects of drinking alcohol. Depending on your body chemistry, they may not mix well, either. However, beer remains incredibly popular worldwide thanks to the craft beer movement and of course, the popularity of weed never stops growing.

One thing that can be said for certain about the craft beer industry is that it’s changed the perception and the practice of beer drinking. Where past generations got sloshed off of watered-down Budweiser and Coors, craft beer aficionados drink slower and appreciate the flavors and textures of a wide-ranging spectrum of brews. It’s not so much about swigging it down as fast as possible, which is a refreshing upgrade to traditional drinking culture. That’s not to say you can’t still get intoxicated; many of the headiest craft beers top out at 10 or 11 percent ABV, and have a strong and spicy flavor that can put even the most seasoned drinker to sleep.

The OG HighPA’s uplifting flavor profile and relatively light alcohol content make for a refreshing beer that won’t weigh you down ideal for warm and action-packed summer activities.

Thorn Street’s Brew Master and Co-Owner, Eric O’Connor, is an open-minded brewer with a daring streak who loves to try new things, so this project was obviously a great fit. “We love experimenting with new flavors and aromas and being on the cutting edge of craft beer. Beer is all about how it tastes, though, and the flavors from the extract really blend well with the hops. It’s a subtle flavor, and the smell is unmistakable without being overpowering.”

Jetty Extracts, one of the most recognizable names in the cannabis industry here in Southern California, has a particular penchant for isolating individual cannabis terpenes into essential oils that can be used for adding additional flavor and natural therapeutic effects to just about any substance. This beer collaboration is surely only the beginning when it comes to rediscovering the sensations of the palate using natural terpenes.

Remember, this beer contains no THC, just good vibes! Taste it for yourself OG HighPA is available for a very limited time, ice cold, and fresh on tap at Thorn Street Brewery in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego, as well as a few select restaurants in the county.

Roni Stetter
Roni is a long-time cannabis advocate who has been involved in the community since her days with California's 2010 legalization campaign. A former high school athlete who successfully treated her sports injuries with medical marijuana, she now promotes the health movement on her own blog. When not writing or researching on the web, you can find her at a drum and bass show, hanging out with her dog and cat, or otherwise living the simple San Diego beach life. See what else Roni is up to on her website
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