When tokers rave about a cannabis product with spectacular reviews, it’s definitely worth checking out what all the hype is about. So, when we heard about The PowerHitter, a smoking device born in the 70s, we had to try it for ourselves.

Weed smokers from Long Beach to Amsterdam have heaped high praise on The PowerHitter, with many saying they’d “hit that” over and over again. The PowerHitter will forever change the way you think of that expression. 

It did for Allen Stein, the founder of The PowerHitter Co., when he first experienced the magic of this dope device.

Allen first became acquainted with The PowerHitter back in the 80s, while chilling in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show. He’d never seen anything like it before. The device — a squeeze-bottle that pulls a shotgun hit of weed — was passed among his friends. Once he got a chance to puff The PowerHitter full of sweet smoke, it changed him forever.


During that fine day on Shakedown Street, Allen was hooked. He got an original Power Hitter from his friend and carried it with him everywhere for the next 10 years. That is, until a jet took-off and blasted it out to sea at Maho Beach in St. Maarten.

He spent the next decade trying to find another with no success. So, he built his own and upgraded the original design, reintroducing this classic device to a new generation of smokers. 

“Some things should never change — unless they get better,” Allen told MERRY JANE.

Allen and his team, you could say, hit this one out the park. Not only did they improve The PowerHitter, they also revived a product that many cannabis enthusiasts — both young and old — wanted for themselves.

Back in the day, the original Power Hitter was the go-to party favor for a group smoke sesh. In fact, old-school tokers who’ve puffed The PowerHitter even recall that it’s a fun, efficient, and incredibly easy way to get stoned. More on that below.


Photo by @dabbing505bear 

Today’s new and improved PowerHitter is simple yet brilliant, and it’ll elevate your smoke game to new levels. 

All you do is light up your joint, insert it into the PowerHitter’s cap, and screw the cap on. Then, cover the carb with your fingertip, squeeze the bottle, and let it rip!

It’s easy to use and ensures you get the most from your smoke, down to every last bit of bud. There are so many reasons why the PowerHitter is ingenious. Let us break it down for you.

It’s Simple and Easy to Use

If you’re someone who enjoys getting the most from your smoke, the PowerHitter is perfect. Once you put a roll in the bottle, you don’t have to mess with it anymore — your only responsibility is to puff and go to the clouds.

All you have to do is squeeze it and you get a steady stream of smoke ready for you to inhale. It’s an instant shotgun hit with the least amount of effort possible.

No More Burning Holes in Your Threads…or Starting Fires

Nobody likes hot ashes on their skin, clothes, chairs, bed, etc. But if you smoke weed,  you know how often this happens.

Thankfully, the PowerHitter is a self-contained unit, so all ashes automatically extinguish and stay in the bottle until you’re ready to empty it.

The PowerHitter Creates Zero Waste

The PowerHitter captures and delivers 100% of your smoke. No flower gets wasted!

When toking just a plain ol’ joint, a lot of smoke is lost as you pass it to a friend, endure a coughing attack, or listen to your homie tell a story with too many tangents. 

Unlike a joint by itself, The PowerHitter provides a steady stream of smoke to your mouth — or nose, if you’re feeling frisky — so the smoke goes into your lungs instead of floating away.

No More Interrupted Sessions

The PowerHitter’s water-friendly design is, perhaps, its best feature. You can toke in the rain, puff at the pool, share it in the tub during a romantic sesh, or even take it into the ocean (except maybe that one spot at Maho Beach in St. Maarten).

It’s Ultra-Durable

The PowerHitter floats on water, and it will never break or shatter like a bong. 

This durability comes from The PowerHitter’s specially-formulated food-grade polymer. This material makes it both airtight and heat resistant, which is how it safely stores ash, too.

If you take care of your PowerHitter, it’ll be your best bud for decades.


Photo by @aftermidnightinc 

Rip, Pass, and Make Friends

Puff, puff, pass is great until one of the homies drools on the joint like a dog waiting for a treat. Ain’t no one got time to catch cooties today! 

With the PowerHitter, wet, slobbery joints and germs go bye-bye.

Should You Get One?

Besides the incredible benefits we just laid out for you, think of how much fun you’ll have and how many people you’ll meet if you roll with this sweet weed toy?

See how many people love it and decide for yourself. A raving fan base doesn’t lie.

The PowerHitter Is Hella Affordable

For just $25, The PowerHitter will introduce your crew to contactless joint seshes, pot-tastic poolside moments, and portable shotgun hits anytime, anywhere.

So, get your hands on this remastered 40-year-old indica icon, and remember: 

“Don’t lip it! Just grip it, and rip it!”

To order one (or two, or five….) or to learn more, visit The PowerHitter website.

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**This was made in partnership with The PowerHitter