A Look at the Most Mouth-Watering Weed Products from the Edibles List Awards
Last month's annual contest showcased the future of edibles, including a variety of healthy, THC-infused snacks.
Published on March 13, 2017

Lead image via Edibles List Awards

At the third annual Edibles List Awards last month, attendees witnessed some major breakthroughs for both the industry and consumer health. Some notable products included the tried and true Best Pot Brownie from Heavenly Sweet Medibles, which also took home the prize for Most Potent Edible (whoa!), as well as medicinal eye drops produced by Central Cali Caregivers that are purported to help those suffering from glaucoma and other eye maladies. This ocular remedy claimed the Most Innovative Product award category.

B. Le Grand founded the Edibles List with the intention of connecting consumers with the products they desire. When she first started exploring the world of edibles, it was difficult to identify the products that would best meet her needs, and then actually finding the products proved even more difficult. The Edibles List has been instrumental in cataloging the wide world of cannabis goods while also identifying where to find those items in demand. What follows are more highlights of the attractions at this year’s awards ceremony.

Pura Vida Coconut Vanilla Protein Bars, image via Pura Vida.

Healthy Snacks 

“Healthy snacks are a strong focus for 2017,” according to cannabis edibles expert and Senior Editor of Edibles Magazine Patrick Ian Moore. “Patients who choose to consume cannabis via food products still want to maintain their health and fitness goals,” he continued. With an increase in cannabis-related fitness venues, we’re likely to see more low-sugar, high protein, and savory marijuana snacks receive their due exposure in the coming years.

Pura Vida, makers of Sunny Seeds pumpkin and sunflower seed-infused blends, are now making a coconut vanilla protein bar. The ingredients are organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and also include coconut oil. The bar has 100mg THC with 4 doses.

Moonman’s Mistress, winner of the Best Gluten-Free Edible, is a female co-owned and operated business serving up a menu of paleo-diet treats that are considered gluten-free, dairy-free, low-glycemic, locally sourced, or don’t include nuts in the list of ingredients. CBD and THC options are both available.The CBD Starcluster Superfood cookies are tasty clusters of superfood seeds and a great example of what can be expected in the CBD health and wellness market to come. “Our CBD is whole-plant derived from the cannabis plant,” notes founder Liz Rudner. There’s 10mg CBD per cookie.

A photo of Flurish Gummies via.

Flurish secured Best Gummy Candy with their potent, fruit-flavored gummies offering both CBD and THC varieties. They have a sugar-free option coming soon, too. Flavors include Mango, Sour Apple, Watermelon, and Pineapple. Dosages are available in 15mg, 150mg, and 300mg THC packs (watch out!).

Caligold improved upon their flagship chocolate bar product with their new THCa, CBD-infused semi-dark chocolate bar, which was ranked Best Chocolate Bar at this year’s awards.  “We are always looking at new ways to deliver products that help our consumers achieve a greater state of homeostasis,” states co-founder Jonathan Schwartz. For consumers interested in the cutting edge of cannabis health and wellness isolates, this treat offers an antioxidant-rich recipe. In addition to a robust endocannabinoid system, the potential health benefits of consuming this type of product include increased brain function, reduction in muscle spasms and related pain, protection for the skin from sun damage, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as certain types of cancer. There’s 50mg THCa and and 5mg CBD per bar.

Sublime's Gold Cartridge, image via

Next-Level Smoking Devices and Live Wax

Sublime, whose founders have a few prizes to celebrate, is offering a spectrum of products for the cannabis connoisseur. Based in Oakland, the company is definitely tuned towards the upper echelon in cannabis technology and finery.  

With glass tips and gold foil design accents, their vaporizer Gold cartridge and Sneaker are a slick solution for vape enthusiasts. For those of the dabbing set, it’s worth noting that this product is “refined for potency” and terpene-enhanced for improved taste, as well as sensation. A highly innovative feature of their vape pen is the built-in USB charger beautifully integrated into the design.  

Sublime also touts raw extract and wax from fresh, not cured, frozen flower. They use proprietary extraction methods to maintain the original terpene profile with zero additives. The wax is also used to make what they call “Live Joints” or Fuzzies—a pre-roll with the live wax inside and out, finished with keef for terpene-enhanced benefits. “After years of football and rugby, I find that our raw oil is really helpful for pain. My wife uses Harlem Gold for insomnia, too” mentions Mo Li, Sublime Southern California Representative. The company’s wax is 500mg THC total.

Happy Seed's honey sticks via

Take and Bake

Liquid Heaven coconut oil offers an easy solution for DIY cannabis edibles. The creators were inspired to offer a simple, versatile marijuana-infused product for patients who seek a healthier delivery system for their medicine. Research shows that coconut oil contributes to improved brain function. When combined with CBD, the brain-boosting benefits are augmented. The flavor of this oil is more savory than traditional coconut oil, making it great for salad dressing or even as a topping for gelato. The makers of Liquid Heaven suggest using it for baking, mixing it in coffee or tea, or eating it straight. Note that frying with this oil or similar oils is not recommended since it will reduce the health properties and decarboxylate the THC. Liquid Heaven has 6-7mg of THC per milliliter. 

Save the bees! Happy Seed honey is doing just that with their award-winning honey. “Honey bees are in danger of what is called ‘colony collapse disorder’ where bees become disoriented and don’t find their way back to the hive,” shares Happy Seed CEO Scott Delk. “Scientists attribute potential causes to the influence of cell phone tower emissions and pesticides.” A second-generation family of bee-keepers, the Happy Seed founders harvest their own honey and infuse it with cannabis grown in Humboldt, California. This hash oil honey is great for a buttermilk biscuit or a cup of tea. 25mg THC per serving.  

Incog Wellness won first prize in the Take and Bake category with their Feelin’Baked cannabis baking mix. They offer multiple varieties of bake-at-home goods including chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. The secret sauce, so to speak, is the cannabis-infused oil that comes with the mix, making this a convenient homemade medicated treat. 360mg THC total.

Keep an eye out for these products and more in the ClubM subscription box, winner of Best Packaging. And as always, be careful consuming THC products and consult a physician if you have concerns. The average dose is 5-10mg per serving, and one should not exceed one dose per hour before taking more. If you consume too much THC, take straight CBD as an antidote. For more information, and to further blow your mind on the plethora of award-winning cannabis products, see the full list of winners here.

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