The Best Edibles for Microdosers and Superdosers
No matter how hard you want dose yourself, we’ve gathered up a number of edibles products that will do the trick.
Published on July 20, 2017

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Edibles are a great foray into the world of weed if you’re living in a legal state. Not only do they offer a (somewhat) harmless method of consumption, you always know what you’re getting in terms of effect due to their clearly labeled dosages. There’s no way to equate the level of stoned you’ll be off a few hits from a joint, or two dabs of concentrate. Uncertainties like these are precisely why so many new or prospective users shy away from weed products in general, when in reality this medicine could help to replace anything from beer and advil, to prescription medication like Xanax and Oxycontin. 

Microdosing is an edible trend that’s emerged in recent years, where the user consumes minuscule amounts of THC, building a calm level of euphoria over time. Ideal for first time users nervous about eating too much and entering some sort of psychedelic nightmare scenario, edibles brands have been zeroing-in on products tailored to this genius method of intake. As appealing as it is to newcomers, it’s also the prefered method of seasoned pros who juggle daily responsibilities like, say, a job, with their penance for pot.

But what about those users who want to trip the fuck out? Probably not in a psychedelic nightmare scenario, but maybe some sort of floaty, psychedelic dreamland? Superdosing, as we’ll call it, is the opposite of microdosing in that you eat a bunch of THC and see what happens. Disclaimer: I only do this when at home in bed, but it’s super fun. For others, like army vets, superdosing can be essential for treating injuries without having to resort to dangerous opioids. No matter how hard you want dose yourself, we’ve gathered up a number of edibles products that will do the trick. These will satisfy the microdoser, the superposer, and everyone in between.  

Microdose — Get Mellows Marshmallows

Get Mellows are a tasty, artful approach to microdosing. A perfect gift for the novice or on-the-fencer in your life. Each batch of these gourmet marshmallows are whipped and cut by hand in San Francisco, implementing a single origin Red Congolese sativa known for its euphoric, elated effect. At 5 mg of THC per marshmallow, there is literally zero chance of bugging out. And with flavors like Brown Butter Sage, Cookies and Cream, and Orange Dreamsicle, these treats make the ideal gift for the sophisticate in your life. Tell them to eat one to start (which can be difficult, as they’re extremely tasty), and continue at will.

Visit Get Mellows’ website for more on the company

Medi-Dose: Lord Jones Sigurberry Gumdrops 

Lord Jones, a particularly trendy Los Angeles edibles and topical brand, is known for their love of incorporating music and sound into the cannabis experience. The “sound baths” they host, where users eat their signature gum drops then lay in a room so thick with sound it’s almost tangible, have become a staple in LA’s burgeoning New Age scene.  

In a fitting collaboration, Lord Jones has teamed up with the ethereal Icelandic rock band Sigur Rós for the fantastic, limited edition Sigurberry Gumdrops. Each batch incorporates flavors inspired by the berries of Iceland, with a blend of terpenes designed to provide the same calming sense of well-being as the music of Sigur Rós. For the sake of medi-dosing, when you want to go a little harder but still harbor some reservation, we’ll go with the 9 piece 20mg THC option. However, an array of lower doses, and even CBD to THC ratio of 5:1, are available for the tamer cannabis aficionados.

Visit Lord Jones’ website for more on their delectable edibles

Mega-Dose: Utopia Raspberry Macaroons 

Megadosing (in my estimation 100-150 mg THC) is appropriate if you’re going to a fun event, movie, concert, or anywhere worth being super high. Utopia, a brand known for producing high grade, eco-friendly edibles, flower and concentrate, won three cups at this year’s Chalice Cup. The lovely little macaroons in question won first place at the NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup last year, too. Raw, vegan, and ingredients like fresh raspberries, coconut, almond flour, and agave make Utopia’s Raspberry Macaroons seem tailored for the health conscious megadoser, especially with each sweet clocking in at 50mg of THC. Plus, each package comes with four Macaroons, making a full box extremely easy to finish in one sitting if you want to get particularly weird.

Visit Utopia’s website for more on their edibles

Super-dose: Korova Mint Dip

Korova’s Mint Dip, a new product from the extremely popular high-dose edible line, can take you as far as you want to go. Coming in at a whopping 250 mg THC, this double chocolate chip cookie, dipped in gourmet mint chocolate, is as decadent as it is potent. While not vegan, and semi-splurgy with the calorie count (400 per cookie), Korova’s Mint Dip is the perfect gift to give yourself. Sure, you might be KO’ed for the next 24, but you can rest assured that you’ve gobbled one of the most intense treats from one of the most respected brands in the edibles community. Plus, all their products are free of pesticides and pollutants, and lab tested for quality control. If you’re out with friends, each take a bite and chill. If you’re bored at home, go big and down the whole damn, delicious thing.

Visit Korova’s website for more of their delectable edibles

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