The Best Cannabis Products for Every Type of Summer Road Trip
From the convenient, to the discrete (no one wants to get arrested in an unfamiliar state over a loose joint), these trippy weed treats and tools will make the road less traveled also less boring.
Published on July 28, 2017

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Staring down the barrel of August, we’re beginning to find ourselves in the thralls of summer static. The season’s celebratory days are behind us, and a perpetual state of heat-induced exhaustion can make even highlights like pools and beaches seem blasé. If you live in some sort of idyllic situation stacked with necessary summer amenities (endless money but no job, access to constant swimming situations, fountains of rosé), you can stop reading and return to your impossibly perfect scene. However, If you live in the cesspool of odor that is a major city in late July, where your only respite comes in the form of crowded pools spiked with the urine of drunk tourists, a change in season may not be looking too terrible.

Instead of swearing off the final dash of our favorite season, it may be time to unstick yourself from that synthetic leather couch and look for adventure elsewhere. Go to the lake with your family, rage in Las Vegas with your crew, or just get in the car and start driving until you’re far, far away from the sweat-drenched hell that has possessed us all. And, it goes without saying, any solid road trip isn’t complete without some good ‘ol green. But what to bring? Thankfully, MERRY JANE has you covered. From the convenient, to the discrete (no one wants to get arrested in an unfamiliar state over a joint), here are some trippy cannabis products to make the road less traveled also less boring.

For a Road Trip with Your Family…

Kiva Petra Mints

Undoubtedly the tamest possible trip, the family road trip requires a level of stoned that is only detectable to you. Nothing is weirder than coming to from spacing out, eyes red, mouth open, and seeing your mother’s disapproving stare followed by my least favorite question, “Lindsay, are you high?”

Kiva Confection’s new Petra MInts are the perfect companion for a trip that can, depending on how entertaining your family is, either be incredibly boring or cute and fun. Tiny, discreet, and extremely low dose (each mint is 2.5mg THC, 105mg THC in the whole tin), you’ll be in complete control of how much THC you’re consuming and when. With flavors like Moroccan Mint and Eucalyptus, you’ll also have the best breath in the car.

For more on Kiva Confections, visit the company’s website here

For the Camp-Centric Road Trip…

The Nuggy

For a drive punctuated by outdoor situations, the clever little Nuggy’s capabilities extend beyond the realm of weed. This multi-purpose tool from Nug Tools has it all: knife, scissors, roach clip, tamper, mini-spoon, bowl scraper, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, poker, and an LED flashlight that comes loaded with 8 hours of battery life.

So, whether you’re caught without scissors in the woods, or have no way to load concentrate for dabbing in the car, Nuggy will come to the rescue.

Visit Nug Tools’ website for more on their dank reinvention of the always-trusty Swiss Army Knife

For the Road Trip Rager

The Vegas Weekend Box

On July 1st, recreational cannabis was legalized in the state of Nevada. Four days later, over $3 million in sales had been generated. Two weeks after that, the weed ran out, causing such a frenzy the state literally declared a State of Emergency. Needless to say, the healing powers of cannabis are welcome in the City of Sin, easing coke hangovers, spicing up hot tubs, and recontextualizing the all-you-can-eat buffet. If anything, Vegas somehow became more fun.

So what better time to round up your most raging friends and head down to the desert for a little THC-enhanced gambling? To get the party started, you couldn’t find a better canna-product than the Vegas Weekend Box — the name says it all. This curated box of products changes monthly, including an array of treats like infused gummies, pre-rolls, awakening mints, transdermal cannabis patches, flower, loaded cartridges and pens, and the list goes on. Pro tip: preorder online for pickup to avoid lines that can stretch for hours. And, as with all things Vegas, be sure you’re all 21 or older.

For more on the Vegas Weekend Box, visit the company’s website here

For When You’re Road Tripping Through Sketchy States...

Mountain High Suckers

One of the issues I’ve always had with road trips is the sketch-factor in transporting weed across state lines, especially the backwards ones. Blissfully smoking away while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd can quickly devolve into cops searching your car, instructing you to throw your $300 custom-blown bubbler into a marsh somewhere in southern Illinois (RIP, I fucking loved that thing).

For the long trips that traverse this sometimes cool, sometimes horrifying country of ours, make a stop at one of the 400-plus Colorado vendors that carry Mountain High Suckers. Around since 2009, MHS offers suckers infused with natural flavors and either THC or CBD. Each dose is tested for consistency, and they look like particularly beautiful, normal lollipops. You’ll be high AF, and the cop will be none the wiser. Just make sure to throw out the packaging, and, more importantly, never get so stoned you can’t drive.

For more on Mountain High Suckers, visit the company’s website here

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