Tender of the Week: MNR Co-Op Woodland Hills

Tender of the Week: MNR Co-Op Woodland Hills


Business in the front, buds in the back.

"Tender of the Week" is a MERRY JANE original feature where each Thursday we'll give you an inside glimpse into the lives of the cannabis connoisseurs who slang the bud at marijuana dispensaries across the globe.

This week we head to MNR, short for Mother Nature’s Remedy Co-Op.

The Woodland Hills dispensary is situated in such a way that both a 40-something housewife and seasoned smoker alike would feel comfortable joining the collective.

Walking through the doors, you're greeted by a light and airy smoke shop with shelves of polished glass bongs, much different than the dark lobbies of other dispensaries in the region.

MNR Co-Op's budtenders like to call themselves “Representatives of the Neighborhood” because they all went to high school together in the San Fernando Valley or "The Valley" as the area is affectionally.

The MERRY JANE  team spent the afternoon chatting with budtenders Vinnie and Amber about their favorite strains, cannabis culture and how marijuana is providing a better quality of life for their patients.

MJ: Amber, describe your standard smoke sesh. 

Amber: I normally like to medicate with flowers. A lot of kids nowadays like to use concentrates and things like that, but I prefer  flowers because it's more natural and it gets the job done without all of the additives. I like heavy OG's. Right now I'm really into the hybrid Gorilla Glue. I use a Sativa during the day and an Indica at night. I never used to do that until I started working at a dispensary

MJ: What's your most memorable patient experience? 

A: I've had patients come in with cancer and arthritis and it was really rewarding to be able to guide them into the direction of medicine that can truly improve their quality of life.

MJ: Vinny, What do you like best about working and MNR Co-Op?

Vinny: We get a sophisticated clientele who not only look to us to prescribe them medicine but share with us about their lives, family, problems.

MJ: What's your favorite edible to prescribe to patients and why?  

V: Patients like the fact they see products that remind them of candies they may have eaten when they were young. My favorites include Starr1 (fka Anarchy EdiAbles) Gummies. They are a gelatin, oil based product which tend to digest differently than other edibles and don’t cause you to have any side effects the next day.

Mother Nature’s Remedy (MNR Co-Op)

22831 Ventura Blvd.

Woodland Hills, CA 91364


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