Tender of the Week: BARC Medical Marijuana Collective Beverly Hills

Tender of the Week: BARC Medical Marijuana Collective Beverly Hills


Our one-on-one with a Beverly Hills Budtender.

Welcome to "Tender of the Week", a MERRY JANE original feature where each Thursday we'll give you an inside glimpse into the lives of the cannabis connoisseurs who slang the bud at marijuana dispensaries across the globe.

Planted on the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills border, BARC, short for Beverly Alternative Relief Center, is a swanky Los Angeles collective offering a collection of premium flowers, oils, and edibles.

This week we stopped by BARC Medical Marijuana Collective to talk cannabis culture with budtender and clone consultant David Torres who has spent the past five years working in the industry.

MERRY JANE: What inspired you to launch a career in cannabis? 

David: What interested me was genetics. I got into the business with a friend of mine. We started with just a few seeds. The concept of growing seemed fun to me, I love to see the way the plants grow and how my work is showed off when they began flowering, and I began to buy and collect clones.

MJ: How do you like to get high? What are some of your favorite marijuana brands?

I like to vape. When it comes to concentrates, I prefer Sol Selects. I really enjoy using concentrates, but I enjoy my flowers too.

MJ: Tell us about your most memorable experience working here. 

There was this older guy. When I first met him, he was brand new to cannabis. I helped him find some CBD creams and oils. He comes in every few days and he says the medicine has really helped him get around through the day. It helps him get up and move around so it feels great to be able to have helped him get some relief. 

Pictured: David Torres

BARC Medical Marijuana Collective

432 S San Vicente Blvd., Suite #100

Los Angeles, CA 90048

Connect with BARC and MERRY JANE on Instagram to see behind the scenes pics from this interview! 


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