Super High Score: Interview with Cynthia DeMatteo
Meet one of the most talented glass designers in Colorado.
Published on February 23, 2016

In a vast universe with an infinite amount of possibilities, the closest you will get to smoking weed with your favorite video game characters is through the work of Colorado-based artist Cynthia DeMatteo.

She has an intriguing obsession with building smoking devices modeled after games you've undoubtedly rage quitted on back in the day. From Mega Man's blaster going directly in your lungs to Yoshi's tongue being utilized as an elaborate dab rig, Cynthia has done it all—or at least she's in the process of it. On a long enough timeline with an unlimited amount of materials she will transform every game character into a bong—and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Well you can read this interview we did with her, but that still won't change the fact that you will be smoking out of your favorite video game character in the very near future.

The Stoned Gamer: A lot of your inspiration comes from Nintendo's Pokemon, can you believe they're celebrating their 20th anniversary (Feb 27th) in just a few days?

Cynthia DeMatteo: Absolutely! I have personally been a fan of Pokemon since I was a small child. Their big anniversary is a historic milestone that will certainly be celebrated around the world!

SG: We know what inspires you, but where did you learn your craft?

CD: I have been deeply interested in art my entire life. I started out doing pencil drawings for a small fee a few years ago and eventually developed an interest in sculpting. After following other respected artists online I took some of their advice and invested in the necessary materials to make a substantial product. I jumped right into it without much guidance. I guess you can say that I am a self taught artist who learned by trial and error.

SG: Has any video game company contacted you about commissioning a piece from you?

CD: No, all of my commissions so far have been from individual customers, collectors, and the occasional smoke shop, but I would gladly commission works from any company.

SG: What gaming console was the most significant in your life?

CD: That's a really tough question. I have owned and loved several different gaming consoles throughout my life, but I would have to say the Nintendo64 because I have probably spent the most time with that system overall.

SG: Have you thought about doing a giant bong? Like a life-size Bubble Man and turning it into a giant bubbler?

CD: My husband blows our glass pipes, and I sculpt the designs with epoxy resin. The mixed mediums allow me to have an almost infinite range of possibilities as far as design goes so, a life-size piece is definitely possible! I believe my tallest piece to date is around 20 inches tall.

SG: Which gaming character would you love to roast a blunt with?

CD: I would love to smoke with Bowser and discuss castle domination, but really anybody other than Kirby. I can't hang with Mr. Vacuum lungs.

SG: How about a custom Snoop Dogg piece? That would be nuts.

CD: That would be fantastic! I have done caricature sculpture pieces and painted portraits of celebrities on pipes. I think creating Snoop Dogg would be a lot of fun because he has really bold and recognizable characteristics. I have also been fortunate enough to try Snoop Dogg's line of cannabis strains Leafs By Snoop, and I must say that I am a big fan!

Still want more? Check out Cynthia's work on Facebook , Tumblr, and Instagram @dematteoart.

Zeus Tipado
Zeus Tipado is the creator of The Stoned Gamer, producer, and developer out of Los Angeles. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Arizona, and a M.A. in Media Theory from the University of South Wales in the UK. He is also the creator of MiddleEasy and a former writer for High Times Magazine. You can find Zeus on Twitter @tipado and while you're at it, follow The Stoned Gamer at @tsgtwt on Twitter and @instastonedgamer on Instagram.
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