5 Stoner-Friendly Things to Do When Visiting Portland, Oregon
Fun ways to puff, puff, pass the time in Rip City.
Published on November 4, 2016

One of the first four states to legalize recreational cannabis use, Portland, Ore., is a Pacific Northwest wonderland steeping in stoner-friendly activities. From Puff, Pass & Paint and Happy Parties, to Third Eye Shoppe, the funky counterculture boutique founded by activists Jack Herer and Captain Ed Adair, cannabis culture permeates every square inch of its lush landscape. Next time you’re in town, be sure to check these five recommendations off your wanderlusting, weed-inspired wish list. Just pack a raincoat if you’re visiting between October and July.



Go on Saturday with Mary Jane’s “Toke of the Town” tour.

Led by award-winning journalist Sarah Jane, you’ll start at the waterfront’s chic boutique and canna-cultural center, Saturday with Mary Jane, before embarking on an educational and scenic walking tour around downtown and RiverPlace marina. Soak in the sites as you learn about the hidden history of Portland’s seedy prohibition era and take a guided tour through a downtown cannabis dispensary.



Enjoy a massage in Zama’s Halotherapy Salt Caves.

Swing by a dispensary and pick up a high-CBD edible treat to imbibe before making your way to Zama, a therapeutic spa in northeast Portland. Take an Uber or Lyft because after an hour of relaxation in their Halotherapy Salt Caves you’ll be loose enough to melt into a puddle. Their Salt Caves simulate Himalayan salt mines, like the ones found in Eastern Europe. Deep breaths of saline-saturated air combined with world-class massage therapy—and that generous dose of CBD—will leave you grinning from ear to ear.



Become a member of the NW Cannabis Club.

The NW Cannabis Club’s lifetime membership will cost you $20, while medical marijuana cardholders, veterans, and seniors receive half off admission. Anyone over 21 with ID can hang out for the day for a $5 day-pass. Once you’re paid-up, you’re given the green light to kick back and relax in a divey, casual lounge environment boasting vaporizers, volcanoes, e-nails, snacks, board games, pool, foosball, shuffleboard, and a 50-foot dab bar. Cannabis is not sold on site but you’re free to bring your own and share with others. Due to regulations, alcohol is prohibited on-site, but who needs booze when you’ve got a 50-foot dab bar?



Indulge your appetite.

Oregon is home to almost 30,000 vineyard acres, 210 craft breweries, countless food carts, taco stands, pizzerias, bakeries, and fine dining establishments. Needless to say, Portland is a foodie’s delight. Wait in line for a Voodoo Doughnut, grab a pint of Pinolo Gelateria’s authentic Tuscan gelato, feast on Screen Door’s Southern-style brunch, try Pok Pok’s famous fish-sauce wings, devour Kachka’s scrumptious pork-filled pelmeni dumplings, or enjoy a glass of vino at bottle-shop/wine-bar Division Wines. Drive 10 miles north of the city to Bella Organic Farm for berry wine and the most delicious chocolate chip cookies you’ll ever eat.



Book a room at North Fork 53.

There is plenty of lodging in Portland, but if you flee the city after enjoying all its offerings you can find refuge at Oregon’s first fully-integrated cannabis lodging experience, North Fork 53. It’s a historic four bedroom 1930s farmhouse and barn nestled among four acres of riverfront with gardens, decks, live chickens, and a fire pit. Fifteen minutes from the dramatic coastal town of Manzanita, and 90 minutes from Portland, this charming bed and breakfast offers organic food from its own farm and encourages guests to consume cannabis on the premises. You can’t buy bud from the establishment, but they provide guests with a PAX 2 portable vaporizer, a custom-made serving tray, a grinder, a vape-leftover container, and directions to local dispensaries. Plan your stay to coincide with one of their fun cannabis-themed events, like High Tea, a New Year’s Eve Moroccan Food pairing, Stoner Easter Egg Hunt, or a Bud Brunch.

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