So, We Just Ordered an Official Medical Marijuana Card Online in 15 Minutes
Getting a medical cannabis card can be an intimidating process. But Leafwell makes it a 15-minute procedure at most.
Published on November 19, 2020

Medical marijuana. In one way or another, it seems to be on everyone’s lips these days.

I’m joking a little when I say that — but, really, between the news stories, social media posts, advertisements, and just general conversation, medical marijuana is definitely the topic of our present time.

And the more I kept hearing about how medical marijuana reduces stress, eases pain, and promotes overall well-being, the more I was intrigued to try it myself — intrigued, but also intimidated. To begin with, I had no idea how to get a medical marijuana card.

But, I certainly had fun smoking weed when I was in college and in my early 20s. Even back then, however, I never went out and purchased the pot myself. Typically, whether having a girls' night in or out, one of my friends would pull out a joint and then pass it, puff, and enjoy minutes of deep belly-laughs. But I only smoked with them.

Now, I’m a 31-year-old freelance graphic designer who lives in St. Louis and works for high-profile — and high-pressure — clients. So, this stage of my life doesn’t feel like the best time to start poking around for pot.

Still, based on everything I heard about medical marijuana, I kept wanting to investigate how it could benefit my life. My work is mentally stressful, which takes a physical toll on my body. After years of being stuck in front of a computer 16 hours a day, I took up yoga last year to address stiffness and body aches — and that’s when I discovered how creaky my hips and knees had become. I’m 31-years-old, remember! Not 82.

Okay, maybe medical marijuana could help me, I thought. But any time I looked up “get a medical marijuana card online,” I’d feel immediately overwhelmed. Every option seemed like it was too complicated or potentially a scam.

So many links and claims would pop up, and many of them had conflicting information and most just seemed shady. As a result, I’d just sign off and hope that maybe, someday, I’d find some easy way to get a medical marijuana card online — or better still, get a medical marijuana card just by using my phone.  

Well, that day arrived when my friend Tessa came back to Missouri for a visit. Tessa and I grew up together and she’s since relocated to New Jersey where she works as human resources manager. I could only imagine the type of stress Tessa’s been under this past year since she has to deal with everyone all day while working remotely.

She told me the pressure had become so intense that she contemplated quitting her job, even though she loves it — just not during a pandemic. When she mentioned her stress levels to someone who works with her, he suggested she look into medical marijuana, and he texted her a link. “Here,” he told her, “make it easy, go to Leafwell.”

Tessa then texted the same Leafwell link to me. We were just hanging out on my back porch drinking herbal tea, and she said, “I promise you, with Leafwell, getting your medical marijuana card on your phone is as easy as making this cup of chamomile!”

Trusting my lifelong friend, I took the leap and logged into Leafwell. Tessa said she could help talk me through the registration process, but it wasn’t necessary. I went in hoping they accepted Missouri clients, and I saw that Leafwell services every state with a medical marijuana program. Wow.

From there, I created an account, interacted with a licensed physician online, and got ready to submit my information when I saw I’d also have to pay a doctor’s fee. I asked Tessa if the site was trustworthy enough to give them my credit card information.

“Leafwell is absolutely trustworthy,” she said. “You don’t even actually pay unless you get approved for a medical marijuana card.”

Minutes later — literally, minutes — I downloaded my medical marijuana certificate to my phone through Leafwell and we went off to a local dispensary. Leafwell changed my life that day. The easy-to-use site makes getting a medical marijuana card as simple as ordering pizza or buying tickets to a concert. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have tried to even do it.

Medical marijuana has led me down a path of transformation. It's made health and wellness focal points of my life. I've started meditating, doing yoga, and drinking tea, too, because I realize how alive they make me feel. Cannabis makes me feel the same way. It was the final piece I was searching for that took my wellness plan to the next level.

I’ve even consulted with doctors through Leafwell for ongoing care (I once thought I used the wrong dosage), and their compassion, expertise, attention, and professionalism makes that process extremely simple.  

For all that, I’m forever grateful to Leafwell. So, too, is my boyfriend. After he saw how medical marijuana improved my mental and physical wellness, he opened up a Leafwell account and got a medical marijuana card of his own.

Medical marijuana works. All you need is the proper access. Take it from me: Leafwell will get you a medical marijuana card on your phone in just minutes. It’s the real deal.

**This was made in partnership with Leafwell

MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.
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