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Skater of the Year Kyle Walker & Friends Shred Australia in “The Good Homies”

Seriously celebratory skateboarding Down Under.

by Rainey Cruz

What happens when an Oklahoma-bred skater like Kyle Walker earns the coveted Skater of the Year title from Thrasher Magazine? The answer’s simple. The magazine and all of his homies round up the posse for a Down Under joyride of epic proportions. That happens to be whole lotta shredders—Ishod Wair, Nakel Smith, Louie Lopez, Peter Ramondetta, Chima Ferguson, Jake Donnelly and Zion Wright, to name a few—coming together for an edit oh-so-appropriately named “The Good Homies”.

"The Good Homies" is nine-plus minutes of amazing skateboarding in Australia. There’s sun, fun, flip, lip, and big tricks by the ton. Seriously, poetry and prose aside, there’s just an insane amount of street, ledge, stair, and park footage to take in. It’s a celebratory lap for Walker, so it makes absolute sense that everyone skates mega-hard for their brother in boarding.

Mad respect to filmers Cody Green, Ryan Lovell, and Su Young Choi for capturing it all, and an extra shout out to editor Matt Bublitz too for the sweet timing and energetic modern/alternative surf rock—including Froth’s “Contact” intro—which carries the video along perfectly.

Oh, and congratulations to Kyle Walker once again for an amazing 2016 run. We’re definitely looking forward to more in 2017.


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Rainey Cruz is a Caribbean-born spirit based in New York City with interests in art, music, skateboarding, mysticism, street, and world culture.



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