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Shawn Powers Shows And Proves For Public Housing Skate Team in “Layaway”

Color-coordinated durags, Mobb Deep music, and street skating hijinks for the holidays.

by Rainey Cruz

In the spirit of the holidays and coming new year, Public Housing Skate Team has just gifted fans a very rare and lengthy, 8-minute part of team rider Shawn Powers shredding his way through the Big Apple.

Although a bit of a head-scratching trip because of the interludes and hijinks, “Layaway” plays more like a short 1990s b-movie than anything else, showcasing both Powers’ skating and acting prowess. You’ll catch the abstract skate rat rocking color-coordinated du-rags, stuffing guns inside of his pants, and burying skateboard decks (with his funeral image on then) in snow-laden back yards. You’ll also see some pretty raw and technical skating, as Powers has a knack for managing a supernatural balance between the two. 

It’s really tough to garner attention for skate clips these Internet video-saturated days. This is likely why “Layaway” is laced with a gun-happy Thrasher intro animation, scored with early Mobb Deep music, and concludes with a super-fake roll of credits that lists music ranging from the Godfather Part III OST to Elvis Costello.

We really have to give it up to PHST for going all in on the creative direction and analog execution here. “Layaway” drops just in time as Powers’ DANY video part has also been released to the public this week.

Watch “Layaway” here


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Rainey Cruz is a Caribbean-born spirit based in New York City with interests in art, music, skateboarding, mysticism, street, and world culture.



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