Get Shatterized Anew: The Updated Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer Packs the Slickest Punch Yet
Embrace the latest evolution in vape tech and inhale deep: Shatterizer’s new Black and Silver Aluminum Dome pens are here and they are elevating the game.
Published on April 12, 2018

If you vape (and you're reading MERRY JANE, so chances are you do), you've likely experienced the intense potency and smooth delivery of the world-renowned Shatterizer concentrate vape pen.

With its cool glass design and brilliant delivery system, the Shatterizer hardly seemed like a product that needed any kind of upgrade. Alas, vapers, brace your brains and lungs alike now for one big lush cloud of breakthrough news.

Shatterizer tapped directly into customer ideas and user feedback to develop the latest forefront in the perfect vaping experience: The Black Aluminum Dome and Silver Aluminum Dome Shatterizer concentrate vape pens

The new kits just dropped this week, and MERRY JANE is here to tell you: inhale the hype and believe it! Shatterizer has done it again, only better and more lustrous — all while still providing incredible impact (at an affordable rate, too).

What's New and What's a Knockout

Whereas the original Shatterizer was made of glass and could thus threaten your sweet vaping vibes with the fear of breaking it, the new Black and Silver editions are identical in design and delivery, but they're made of sturdy, durable aluminum. As a result, you can Shatterize yourself without fearing that your pen will shatter.

In addition, the new colors and sleek, shiny design look like something straight from the sci-fi visions the Shatterizer will inspire you to dream. Plus, the pen's rubberized finish makes gripping a pleasure and yet another point of confidence.

Another kick up in quality comes by way of extra coil caps that up the airflow through the generously proportioned globe to maximize the concentrate consumption to levels that, frankly, blew us away.

Velvety Delivery That Wields a Mighty Wallop

As with the borosilicate glass Shatterizer, the concentrate vape delivery system here is second-to-none — and now that impact is bolstered by the ease and confidence that comes with the revamped version.

Be prepared when using the Black and Silver Shatterizers: the draw is serene, the intake is intense but never overwhelming, and the end result is a potency beyond what you might have expected. And that's always a dope discovery!

Priced to Please Even the Most Budget-Minded Vape Maven

Shatterizer has always sought to bring affordable products to the market. It's a business that believes vaping is a pleasure meant to be shared by the masses, and they prove it time and again by supplying the highest quality items and experiences to customers at stunningly easy-on-the-wallet price points. With the Black and Silver Shatterizers, that's truer than ever. At $79.95, the affordability here is its own intoxicant.

Polished Packaging

Here's a point of irritation the Shatterizer has done away with: opening a new vape kit and getting stuck with the trash heap of packing materials. The Black and Silver Shatterizers each come in stylish packages designed to double as a safe and convenient carrying case.

Banging Battery Life & Top-Notch Tech

Any time you obtain a new atomizer, you just want to power it up and take off from there. Battery issues too often act as an obstacle to hopping atop those clouds.

So how about this? The Black and Aluminum Shatterizers come with their batteries partially charged. That means you take your new pen out of the box, load it up, click it five times, and you're vaping. Boom.

It takes three hours to fully charge the Shatterizer, but fret not: Pass-Thru Technology enables you to take hits off the pen during the electronic juicing process. Once the Shatterizer is charged to the max, you can easily click to choose from three temperature settings, and then ease back for about 70 sweet, deep draws.

On top of that, each Shatterizer comes with two QDC coils and caps that you can use to customize your vape based on specific concentrates. There's no extra charge for the additional caps. It's like Shatterizer knew what a buzzkill it is to have to order new caps and solved a user problem before it even became one. Cheers to that!

The Bottom Line: The New Shatterizer Black & Silver Aluminum Vape Pens Are Premium

We examined the new Shatterizer kits and used the pens to indulge in a variety of concentrates. Given the affordable price point, futuristic design, and intensely thoughtful attention to details, the Shatterizer would likely be our go-to atomizer, even if it provided just an OK punch on the draw.

However, the absolutely stunning delivery the Shatterizer supplies makes it our pick for the most worthwhile vaping system available right now. So get yours at!

The Shatterizer is available for sale at EveryoneDoesIt's online store

Mike McPadden
Mike McPadden is the author of "Heavy Metal Movies" and the upcoming "Last American Virgins." He writes about movies, music, and crime in Chicago. Twitter @mcbeardo
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