Secret Sesh: An Inside Look at LA's Underground Weed Scene
On Sundays we sesh!
Published on June 29, 2016

Smoke sessions are probably something you do often with your friends, and they often lead to fun adventures shortly after. Whether you have the munchies or want to play video games it’s sometimes difficult to find a place that will accommodate those needs while extending that session.

The answer to those needs have been residing at an event called the “The Secret Sesh,” (TSS) a fun event but invite only for medical cannabis patients in the Los Angeles area the last few years. In what started out as a local gathering at a lounge called the Headroom Gallery in Los Angeles, cannabis patients medicated and enjoyed live entertainment featuring SNL caliber performances. It wasn't until the lounge's sudden close that one of its employee’s, Tim, decided to extend that session by personally inviting former members and friends to a studio for one final session.

That one final session became what is now one of the most popular events for cannabis patients, and it has spawned into a massive warehouse type event with over 400 patients that includes video games, free non-medicated snacks and drinks, cannabis, and even special guests such as B-Real and Action Bronson. Those who attend will find themselves immersed in contests as well with the last session including a Super Smash Bros. contest, limbo contest, and even a stoney spelling bee.

The event is hosted every Sunday by cannabis personality and BREAL.TV’s Adam ILL, who normally gives away over thousands of dollars of merchandise at the event. The event's rise in recent months has also helped launch the event in another legal state where the event organizers have decided to host one in Colorado later this year.

There’s probably a good chance that you might see The Secret Sesh coming to your town in the near future. For those who want to check out TSS, the event is invite only but small openings are available each week.

Michael Geslani
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