Searching for the Perfect Vape Pen? Let Vessel Be Your Guide
Beyond other companies’ overwhelming pushes and questionable claims, you can trust Vessel to be your one-stop outlet for the ideal vaping experience — and here’s why.
Published on December 3, 2020

Smoking weed is incredible. That was my philosophy in college and all throughout my 20s. I still feel that way, in fact. But, I have to confess: Turning 30-years-old last year changed my perspective on smoking weed.

I love pot, and I love how it affects people (myself included). But, the idea of rolling joints or packing a pipe, lighting flower, and then cleaning up while everything smells like skunk isn’t appealing anymore. It seems so juvenile now. 

Fortunately, we live in an age of rapidly developing cannabis technology — from cannabis oils to new smoking devices. Vape pens intrigue me because, in theory, they provide a way to get stoned without all the smelly noise smoking a joint or bong creates. 

So, after trying a friend’s vape, I went home and searched online for “vape pens” and, wow, the onslaught of products, companies, claims, and contradictory information was extremely overwhelming. It actually prompted me to fire up a blunt just to mellow out.


With a fresh head, I returned to my laptop and thought, What is it that I’m looking for in a vape pen? 

A phrase popped into my lit mind, The right vessel.

With weed once again providing great inspiration, I typed in “vape pen vessel” and there it was! The answer: Vessel. Vessel’s website not only looked light-years cooler, slicker, and more professional than the other places I saw, but so did the products themselves. Of course, I know better than to just trust images, but as I read more, the information all made sense, so I checked for some reviews.

The sentence that moved me to pull the trigger was a Vessel write-up in Rolling Stone that declared, “All you need to know is that the Vessel will make any oil cartridge hit like a dream.”

Done. My decision was made, so I clicked “Shop” on the Vessel site. Once again, the site’s comprehensive design could not be more clean, direct, and easy to use. The Compass Series, which was shaped more like a mini-smartphone than a traditional vape pen, immediately caught my eye, in particular the Compass Yosemite. I bookmarked that page for later.

Scrolling down, the Vista Chrome seemed like the device I was searching for. Sleek and elegant, the style was on point. But, the details are what sold me. For an extra $20, I created my own bundle and paired it with a black Rover Case, which holds two batteries, two cartridges, and has a pouch for anything extra. I also added a Magnetic Charging Cable.


Again, I was new to the vape pen game, so I was really taking a gamble on Vessel and these seemed to be the essentials. I placed my order and then poked around the Vessel site some more. That’s when it occurred to me that I might need some guidance when it came to choosing cartridges. Conveniently, the Vessel blog addressed that issue!

I’m a graphic designer working from home. But I’m an office type of guy! So, working from home has been a distracting experience for me. In the past, weed has helped me focus. But, you know how it is — smoke too much of the wrong strain, and all hope for concentration is out the window. So, choosing the right kind of cannabis was key. The Vessel article, “The Best Cannabis Strains for Focus” laid out an amazing list of choices. I swear by Green Crack and Durban Poison.

Once my Vessel package came, everything looked right and I realized I didn’t know how to use it. Something told me to check the Vessel site again and, yup, there was the link: “How-To Videos.”

Every question I had was answered with an easy-to-understand YouTube clip, from “How Do I Use My Vessel Device?” to “How Do I Clean and Maintain My Vessel Device?” The videos even get as detailed as “What Is a 510 Thread Battery and Which Cartridges Work With My Vessel?


That was more than six months ago. I still regularly use my Vessel Vista Chrome, and I’ve since picked up that Compass Yosemite, which I also love. Plus, I’ve added a Base Charger to my Vessel collection.

I’ve turned other friends on to Vessel, as well, including a buddy who recently got back from serving in Iraq. He was stoked when he found out Vessel offers a military discount!

Vessel has been it for me in terms of a perfect vape pen experience. I’m telling you this now because, believe me: Vessel will be it for you, too.

**This was made in partnership with Vessel

MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.
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