Vision Quencher: Photos of Revitalized Eyes After Trying the New Rohto Jolt
Cannabis can improve your day and enhance the mind, body, and spirit. Rohto Jolt eye drops were made to do the same. Used together, and the wellness aids will optimize your life in every way.
Published on April 30, 2018

All photos by Molly Adams

It goes without saying: the MERRY JANE staff likes pot. We like to smoke, eat, vape, dab, research, write about, and kiss marijuana. Well, maybe we don’t smooch our stashes, but the point remains. Cannabis is a major part of our lives, and we aim to be at the forefront of the ever-budding green evolution that’s happening throughout the country in real-time.

While we all use cannabis recreationally, and even occasionally push the limits of ‘getting lifted,’ our team fully supports and encourages the medicinal and holistic use of marijuana. Whether you utilize the plant to curb menstrual pain, or the herb helps you manage your mental health, the wellness of weed is real and the world is finally beginning to notice in a major way.

Cannabis not only helps us with our ailments, it has the power to enliven and enhance our day-to-day lives. From products that offer “directional highs,” such as strains that are intended to help users “focus” or “sleep,” to nuanced tinctures that can jumpstart your morning, the future of cannabis consumption is customizable and it’s all about optimization; getting stoned can help synergize the mind, body, and spirit.


Therefore, when Rohto got in touch with MERRY JANE about a potential partnership, we were stoked: Not only have we been using their cornea cleansers since our high school heydays — back when our cannabis use was still stigmatized, and we had to camoflauge our hazy eyes — but the company wanted us to try a new product: Rohto JOLT. These eye drops “soothe, hydrate, and wake up your eyes” while also packing a powerful, invigorating punch. Unlike their drops that are intended to relieve redness, Rohto Jolt is all about giving your peepers a second wind — a pupil panacea that’s perfect for those moments when your eyes are feeling dry, burnt out, and could use an extra kick.

We view cannabis consumption pretty similarly. The plant can help keep us going when we’re running on fumes, and it alleviates the symptoms that prevent us from being our best selves. We don’t want to hide being high — what’s there to be ashamed of? Again, it’s all about how endo enhances us. So together, we think Rohto Jolt and reefer is a match made in heaven.

To prove how symbiotic the drops are with wellness-oriented cannabis usage, we had our staff try a little experiment. The MERRY JANE team first took a couple hits off joints, bongs, and vaporizers. Then, we had photographer Molly Adams snap portraits of the subjects’ eyes. After that, each tester “jolted” themselves with a few drops of Rohto. Finally, Molly took pics of their eyes post-Jolt while they described how the refreshing drops made them feel. The general consensus? Joints 'n Jolting is a better combo than than Zkittlez and Zig-Zag papers.

Noah Rubin

“It’s like my eyes had a tango with Frosty the Snowman... Also, it feels like drinking a (decaf) cold brew on the first day of summer.”​ 

Mira Gonzalez

"It's like the first snow of winter, when the snow is still beautiful and pristine... but in my eyeballs. Or, you know what? It's as if my eyes just cannonballed into a swimming pool without testing the temperature first. I'm awake now!" 

Nadine Blanco

"I didn’t even know my eyes could be thirsty until these drops quenched them. Feels like my eyes just went to the spa. A fancy spa..." 

Luis Mota

"Jolting, as I'll call it, is like the ocular equivalent of getting butterflies in your stomach. It's like my eyes now see the way it feels to chew 5gum." 

For more on the Rohtos Jolt, visit the company's website here

For more of Molly Adams' photo work, visit her website here

MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.
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