Rock the Dial and Get to Tokin’ with Rokin
It’s the Digital Era. Time to upgrade the way you get elevated.
Published on January 13, 2021

Today’s weed market offers a ton of different ways to get lifted. You can smoke your herb, eat it, drop it under your tongue, or even get lit by slapping on a patch. And if you vape, you ought to vape out of a unit designed with maximum efficiency, safety, portability, and style — and all at an affordable price.

So, if you’re going to vape your weed, turn the dial up. All the way up, way past 11, and say hello to the Dial by Rokin

Dial Up Your Efficiency

The beauty of vaping out of a high-end unit like the Dial is customizability. Whereas most other brands only offer only one or just a few voltage options, the Dial rocks a whopping 21 temperature settings, and it’s the only unit on the market with that kind of range. The Dial’s, well, dial goes from 2.2 to 4.2 volts. For you non-electricians reading this, that means you’ve got a wide spectrum of cooler to hotter vaping temperatures. If you prefer to taste every rich morsel of terpene in your oil, keep it low. If you wanna rip Category 5-sized clouds to get higher than a weather balloon, you can do that, too. 

Or, if you’re like most folks, you probably want something just right, your personal sweet spot. The Dial lets you fine tune the voltage so you always get the perfect puff no matter which cartridge you’ve loaded.

“Our technological edge means consumers get the custom vaping experience they want at a price that doesn’t break the bank,” said Rokin’s CEO Daryl Bauer. “Big clouds, tiny hits or anything in between — it’s all possible on one device with Rokin’s new Dial.”


Photos courtesy of Rokin

Dial Up Your Safety

The Dial was designed by tokers, for tokers, with a ton of features fashioned for the famously forgetful. Because, let’s be honest here: When you’re in the middle of a sesh, puffin’ on the dankest oil this side of Headyville, you may space TF out. And even if you’re one of those lucky breeds who functions better when lit, it’s nice to know that the engineers at Rokin have still got your back. 

The Dial was designed by Alex Bauer at Rokin. Bauer’s got a background in nuclear engineering, so if he knows how to avoid radioactive meltdowns, it’s safe to say he knows what a vape unit needs in case you have a, um, lapse in memory.

The Dial packs several safety features so you can let your mind chillax worry-free from start to finish. First, it uses a high-quality lithium ion battery charged through a short-circuit protection device built right into the unit. In other words, you won’t overload the battery by leaving it plugged in too long. 

Second, the Dial’s lights let you know that it’s working correctly. Its advanced 510 threaded connector securely attaches the cartridge to the unit, and a light on the back tells you when that connection is all good. A second light tells you when you’re drawing in a puff, as well. 

Third, about that draw. The Dial is inhale-activated, so it only turns on when you hit it. When you’re done, it turns off. Since there’s no power button, you won’t accidentally turn it on when it’s in your pocket, which is a good thing for preserving your oil, your battery, and any body parts attached to said pocket. 

All of Rokin's products undergo both rigorous lab testing before production and constant testing while in production. Rokin’s units hold both CE and RoHS safety certifications —  the international gold standards for the safest vaping available. 


Dial Up Your Portability

Vaping weed, unlike smoking it, brings discreteness and portability. The Dial fits in the palm of your hand, and as noted above, it’s made to stay off while you tote it around town. Its smooth edges make it easy to slip in and out of your pockets, with no poking or prodding that may happen with other brands.

And just in case you need something even smaller than the Dial, Rokin also offers the Mini Tank. This unit is just 2 inches tall and 1 inch wide, and it sports 510 threading, so you can switch the same cartridges between the Mini Tank and the Dial if you’ve got both. 

Dial Up Your Style

OK, so Rokin has you covered when it comes to vaping safely and efficiently. But when you rock a Rokin, you’re also going to be vaping in style

Besides sporting wicked sleek designs, you get color options with both the Dial and the Mini Tank. The Dial comes in Matte Black, Titanium, Light Blue, and Rokin Red, while the Mini-Tank comes in Matte Black, Titanium, Light Blue, Bright Purple, Bright Green, and Rokin Red. Best of all, you can mix and match these colors for the respective units. 

So, for instance, you can combine Titanium and Light Blue on the Dial, or you can combine Bright Green and Bright Purple on the Mini Tank. After all, if you’re gonna vape, bro, you oughta look darn good while you do it, too. 


Dial Up Your Savings 

Did we mention that Rokin’s units won’t put a dent in your bank account, either? You can grab a Dial at just $39.95. And you can grab a Mini-Tank for just $28.95. In other words, Rokin’s vaporizers cost about as much as the cartridges you’ll be loading into ‘em. 

Vape safe, vape with style, and vape responsibly. Dial up your life and get to tokin’ with a Rokin.

Visit Rokin’s website by clicking here

**This was made in partnership with Rokin. 

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