Products to Perfect the Lost Art of DIY Edibles
With some shake, a space-age infusion machine, and some warning labels, the entire grocery store can get you high.
Published on August 18, 2017

If you're lucky enough to live in a weed-friendly state, the wild array of available edible products is truly stunning. From artisanal chocolates and gum drops, to coffee drinks and meal replacements like vegan chili, their precise dosage, easy access, and flavor void of that pesky skunk undertone can make homemade pot brownies seem like a thing of the past.

However, California's edible industry is facing a number of sobering regulations on January 1st, when recreational marijuana becomes legal on the state level. Dosage caps, prohibited ingredients like dairy and fruit extracts, and a slew of restrictions on packaging and branding threaten to homogenize this vibrant and creative community, if not obliterate it all but entirely.

This comes on top of a notorious presence of pesticides in edibles, which can come from the concentrate used in production, or the labs testing for the pesticides, which can be contaminated themselves. Currently, edibles are one of the riskiest ways to consume marijuana in terms of pollutant exposure, second only to vape cartridges. Until these confusing and dangerous details are resolved, you might want to get familiar with making your own.

On a lighter note, what's more fun, or more nostalgic, than having friends over for a DIY edible party? Here are some products to make a boring night at home interesting, whether you want to spend the night over the stove or just add water.

Ounce of trim/shake from any dispensary

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Any old-school enthusiast knows how to turn trim (weed leaves trimmed from the bud of the plant) or shake (a mix of trim and small nugs usually sifted from the same nugs you'd pay top dollar for) into weed-infused butter or oil. If not, here's a quick guide:

Available at almost any dispensary, an ounce of shake will run you anywhere from around $20 to $80. Pick up a pack of butter or oil on your way home, and get to work. Depending on how potent you want your butter, and how many edibles you plan on making, combine the pot and the oil/butter and simmer for hours, stirring intermittently. Once infused, a process that can take anywhere from a couple hours to half a day (the longer you let it simmer, the more potent your butter), strain the plant matter, and there you have it. Bake away, or get creative and cook with the oil.

For a more specific guide to making weed butter/oil click here.

For local deals on shake, check Weedmaps.

Magical Butter Machine


If all that sounds too tedious, or if you like the idea of infusing something you never thought could possibly get you high (at light speed), invest in a Magical Butter Machine.

This apparatus resembles a heavy-duty blender made from stainless steel and can infuse the shit out of some shit with lightning speed. You can get concentrated botanical oil in five hours, tinctures in four, infused butter in two, and infused oil merely an hour. The possibilities are endless––smoothies, infused booze, lotions, soups, candles, brownies, meats, anything can now get you stoned. Entertain company, or take it to the next level and start a business producing your own cannabis (insert idea here).

Chronic Dessert's new hash-infused cake mix 

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Chronic Desserts, one of the most creative edible companies in the game, is helmed by the self-taught dynamo Leilani Kaloha. While her gorgeous, custom baked-goods grace countless parties, weddings, and showers (peep her IG here), in creating the first pre-medicated hash-infused cake mix, Kaloha has outdone herself.

In the vein of that Betty Crocker mix that comprised a hefty majority of every childhood, simply add three eggs, one cup of water, half a cup of vegetable oil, and bake for 25 minutes. Voila! The full cake, available in flavors like funfetti and red velvet, is fully medicated with 1000mg of THC. As 1000mg is enough to make almost anyone freak the fuck out, Kaloha was kind enough to offer us a custom dosing guide:

two-layer cake, cut in 12 slices: each slice 83mg
two dozen cupcakes: each cupcake 41mg. 

So enjoy (carefully)!

Baked Smart's Cannacals

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As edibles move into the territory of acceptable party gift, someday capable of replacing a bottle of wine, labeling medicated treats vs. non-medicated food becomes increasingly important. Not everyone likes edibles. People have a tendency to overmedicate, especially when that person wasn't expecting to suddenly start tripping an hour after eating what seemed like a perfectly benign cookie.

Baked Smart's Cannacals are the first edible safety decals for cannabis infused food. Bake them onto a cookie, or stick on to a brownie after it's been baked. The green crosses are a tell-tale sign, one even your squarest relative would understand. Avoid a terrible night waiting for an ambulance to arrive as your aunt cries uncontrollably about her arthritic cat. When it comes to edible consumption, less is more, and clarity is everything.

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