Perfect Union of Cannabis and Fruit: Olala’s Amazing Infused Sodas Will Light Up Your Taste Buds
A lover of all things cannabis, Lehua Brands has perfected the cannabis-infused beverage. Its Olala drink line marries tropical fruity flavors blended with a subtle hint of cannabis flavor. We promise: You’ve never tasted cannabis like this before.
Published on May 4, 2021

Partiers love to drink. But sometimes crisp, tasty cannabis drinks may sound like a tall order. After all, high-quality cannabis is known for its smell rather than its taste. Not too many of us really want to taste full-on cannabis flavors in our drink. 

Most infused beverage brands in the market today hide the plant’s pungency. The merry minds at Lehua Brands, however, took a different, more sophisticated approach. 

The Lehua Brands flagship Olala beverage started by designing their specially crafted soda recipes. Next, they debuted a line of richly aromatic cannabis concentrates from their proprietary extraction technologies. Then, they asked themselves, “If we love cannabis so much, why don’t we marry the sodas with the concentrates?”

Marry cannabis to awesome citrus fruit flavors, that is. 

Olala proves that like a perfect poolside cocktail, cannabis can taste quite delicious, actually. Our favorite flower just requires a little TLC before joining in merry matrimony with a mixed drink.

In other words, cannabis needs a specific tot to match its tang.


Lehua’s Science Behind the Suds

Randy Reed, the head scientist at Lehua Brands, devoted years of research to make Olala’s tropical sodas’ complement the taste of cannabis. 

“Our beverages are deliciously sweet, but we also want you to enjoy the hint of cannabis,” he told MERRY JANE. “They aren’t sour, and they don’t taste bitter, either. They taste just like the tropical flavor, with a hint of cannabis aftertaste” 

Along with tasting damn good, Olala and Lehua’s beverage lines pack one helluva carbonated punch, too. The high carbonation levels help your body better absorb the good stuff, like THC and the CBD. Strong fizz also primes your taste buds for a full flavor sensory experience.  

For partiers experienced with conventional cocktails, Olala sodas will hit in a familiar manner. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the cannabis to kick in, and about an hour to fully feel it. 

The heady effects wear off about an hour later, freeing you to drink more. Or if you’re the mover-and-shaker type, you can go about your business normally.

Olala sodas come in four intoxicating flavors: Orange Cream, Blue Raspberry, Mango, and Guava. Each flavor reinforces the Hawaiian heritage of the brand and undoubtedly delivers on the brand tagline — “Life’s better chilled!”

Potency is also tailored to your individual tastes. To savor an Olala soda, try the 10mg or 100mg varieties.


Even More Drinks, So There’s Something for Everybody

Even if tropical sodas aren’t your thing, Lehua Brands has a beverage for everyone!

For classic, old-fashioned sodas, try Lehua’s Mortimer label. Mortimer sodas come in Classic Cola, Cream Soda, Root Beer, and Ginger Ale.

If coffee’s more your thing, Andiamo! infused-cafe is the pick-me-up that will lift you up, too. Andiamo! K-cups are available in 5mg THC/10mg CBD or 10mg THC/20mg CBD.

And if you’re just thirsting for fizz minus the frills, the Voila! label of sparkling seltzer waters should hit the spot in 5mg and 25 mg THC potencies. 

Spring is already here, and summer’s just around the corner. Celebrate by indulging all your senses. Reunite with the homies and the fam the right way — by toasting with Lehua. 

To find out where you can pick up Olala or Lehua’s other drinks, visit their website

**This was made in partnership with Lehua Brands

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